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Saturday 5 January 2019

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There were many people out in central Christchurch sharing their beliefs today.  Some out of their passion: those protesting the department store selling fur.  Some, maybe, out of fear (earning salvation?) and obligation: various religious groups.  And it struck me: 1) they wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't worthwhile, and 2) there is nothing more worthwhile than sharing the gospel - not out of fear or obligation - but out of genuine love for the one who has saved us from sin and hell: Jesus; and who has asked us to go because of His great love for the lost. 

Regular gospel outreaches are being established in Christchurch - 6 days a week, if you know the love and grace of Jesus, why don't you come and get involved?  Get in touch!

Every outreach this week, God has provided more than 1 labourer, but I thought I was going to be on my own today, until I came across Garry (pictured).  Garry is a guy who attends a local church and we have gotten to know over the years as he is often out on the streets of central Christchurch.  Yet he has never actually joined us in outreach.  Well today was the day, and he plucked up his courage and asked for a few tracts to hand out.

It was wonderful watching him step past his fears, and politely ask people if they would like a tract.  Of the 12 people who went past him, 3 took one.  Praise God.  May those 3 people read those tracts and hear of the glorious good news of Christ and come to repentance and faith in Him.  Maybe it's time for you to step past your fears and get involved?  Have a few hours spare?  There will be no obligation or pressure to do anything you are not ready for: get involved - Jesus is so worthy! :)


Fur protesters
Chinese New Age folk
JWs were around too

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