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Monday 7 January 2019

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Every year, the Christchurch team organise a short term mission trip to... Christchurch!  It means money can be saved on travel, we can sleep in our own bed, and we don't have to adjust to a new climate, culture, and time zone, but we still get the benefit of giving glory to God by bringing the good news of Jesus to the lost.  Today was day 1 of the mission.  Tracts were distributed, conversations were had, people heard the gospel by way of open air preaching, and soft drinks were given away.

Today was about continuing conversations that were started on the New Year's Eve outreach.  Of 2 young men the team had a long conversation with prior, 1 of them walked past with his girlfriend.  He was identified by name, and so stopped.  This led to a great follow up conversation starting with his thoughts about what was discussed the first time.  Eventually evolution was put forward as the excuse this young couple were using to suppress the truth of God.  This was addressed, after re-covering the subjects of the serious nature of sin, and the good news of Jesus.  They were asked to consider the cost, repent and trust in Jesus before it's too late.

Another young man, first encountered on New Year's Eve, has been encountered at least 2 more times since then.  And every time, I'd say hello, using his name, as he walked past.  Today he was sitting with 2 friends in Cashel Mall.  I approached, and he was happy to see me.  They were grateful to receive a free cold drink to enjoy, and were very open to a gospel conversation - via flip chart.  It was a wonderful conversation, as they seemed very open to the message of the gospel.  I hope to see these young men again.

Earlier, I preached in Cathedral Square.  To draw a crowd, I used trivia questions giving away free drinks as prizes.  It was wonderful seeing people gather and get involved.  I then offered $5 (to buy a coffee from the local vendor) to the person who could pass the good person test, based off the ten commandments.  Sadly, once people realised I was a Christian, they started to disperse and I couldn't convince anyone to try for the fiver.  But I still took the opportunity to proclaim the serious nature of sin, and what Jesus has done to defeat death and bring us hope.  Some stayed to listen.  But please pray that we would become more effective in sharing the gospel.

Finally, we met a lady who watched one of the flip chart presentations.  Initially, I thought she was going to get angry at us telling people about sin, but to my surprise she encouraged us!  A Christian from a local Baptist church, she said she would be keen to join us, and took my email address.  May she get in touch, and get involved, for the glory of God.  How about you?

Please continue to pray for the Christchurch Summer Mission!  And join us if you can :)



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