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Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Thursday 24 January 2019

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As the first full day out on the streets the team were prepared for a long day of outreach, including conversations and tract distribution. God choose to bless the team with the encouragement of three people responding positively when asked if they wanted to trust in Christ.

Hear Glen share about the conversation he had with a bike delivery guy, who despite the fact that his friend wasn't that interested was willing to even declare that he would trust in Jesus even if his friends and family would forsake him.

Hear Trinity share about a conversation she had with a man who attended a Catholic church because he had no where else to hear or read the Bible and how he responded to the Gospel.

Hear Harry share about a conversation he had with a man who had some english ability but also heard and came to understand the Gospel!

Please be praying for these three, as well as bringing the team before God in prayer and also asking that God would continue to use the team through the rest of the week.

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