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Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Monday 28 January 2019

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As the team gets back into full days of outreach you can hear encouragements from Trinity, Hung and Glen about how their days went.

Hear Trinity share about a conversation she had with an ex-Catholic, considering JWism, at the restaurant where the team had dinner. Praise God for his providence and timing, allowing the conversation to take place before this lady was sucked into the lies of JWism.

Hear Hung share about the wonderful experience of participating in the gathering of the saints almost 8000km from his home. Also hear his encouragement to others to consider taking this journey with the team on a future trip.

Hear Glen share about the wonderful day of outreach had, including some exciting conversations with locals who knew English and hear how you can be praying for the team over the coming days.

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Myanmar Mission Trips

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