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Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Wednesday 30 January 2019

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n this video you can hear Glen explaining what the plan was for the day where the team was able to take it a little easier. What is so beautiful about this, is that because the team was so much in the habit of evangelism, it wasn't a chore or a task to do some outreach but a priviledge. 

The team chose to spend some time talking to people because it had become the natural thing to do. 

There is nothing stopping this from being you. If sharing the Gospel was a regular event in your life, it would never feel like a task, or a rare occasion of surprising faithfulness. Rather, it would be one of joy in normality.

You can also hear Ryan sharing an analogy he used, to help explain to a local University student, why our future adherence to the law will never be able to fix our failure to keep it in the past and therefore how Christ can be the only solution.

Please keep the team in prayer as they seek to head out again this day to declare the Gospel to the people in Myanmar for the second last day of this outreach.

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