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Saturday 9 February 2019

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2 outreaches today: 1 x Central City and 1 x New Brighton. Both outreaches were supposed to be 3 hours but, praise God, the city outreach went half an hour longer due to a wonderful gospel conversation with three men.

During this discussion, after they asked good questions to clarify they understood the message I was sharing, and after I had asked a checking question to confirm they had understood the message I was sharing - one of the men said he was gay.

I don't think he did this to challenge / attack me, but because he felt safe enough to disclose this and inquire as to where this fit with God.

And I was honest: homosexuality is a sin, and if we are trusting in Christ for salvation we will want to repent (change our mind) about this - as well as other sin. I also had the opportunity to explain why homosexuality was sin.

After this, I could see him trying to deny the true God as he wanted to hold on to his sin. I understood this reaction, but I just kept coming back to Romans 1:18-20 - we know the true God exists, but we suppress this knowledge because we love our sin. I gave all 3 guys the tract "How we know that God exists and why it matters".

I was also able to talk about 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 - that our sin is serious, including homosexuality, but that all sin, including homosexuality, can be forgiven through faith in Jesus. The guy accepted the booklet "God and Sexuality" that explained more.

As the discussion ended - I said, with a smile, "I don't hate you, man". And he smiled back and said "I know".

I had many other wonderful conversations in the city, I was able to preach in the Square, and my friend, Gary, joined me by handing out tracts. It was so wonderful watching the polite way he did this.

The 2nd outreach was going to be in Sumner, but I ended up diverting to New Brighton because 1) Gary was going to New Brighton and so I offered him a lift, and 2) the Coast to Coast event was ending there attracting lots of people.

I found it hard witnessing in a new location, but I was able to have some good conversations, including with 2 homeless guys (separate conversations) and a guy relaxing on the beach, but very open to a conversation and who kept exclaiming afterwards - "I understand, it makes sense". Yet, understanding and actually trusting are different things. I challenged him to trust in Christ today.

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