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Saturday 2 February 2019

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In this outreach report, from the final day in Myanmar you can hear Glen share a testimony about a man and his response to the Gospel.

This man knew little about Christianity and was very interested to know what God had said and how he could be made right before God. He also struggled with the idea of it being a free gift and was unsure how to trust God.

Thankfully through the conversation and the work of the local translator this man came to understand much of Christianity but was also reminded that the Gospel message is very simple. He left with some resources and a contact number for a local pastor.

Please be praying for this man, that God would work in his heart and use this lengthy and valuable conversation to bring about his salvation!

Also be encouraged by John, that God isn't just using the Gospel to save people in Myanmar but you can glorify God and be apart of His work of salvation by sharing the Gospel in the place you call home!

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