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Tuesday 12 February 2019

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Tuesday outreach involved trying a new location: Riccarton Road. It turned out to be a decent spot. I was there in the afternoon, and there were plenty of high school students open to a gospel chat. In 1 conversation I had 6 students gathered around the flip chart. One of them said he thinks about death every night (not in a suicidal way, but in a "I don't want to die" way) - he accepted a gospel booklet from me.

Earlier in the day, I was in the central city and it was wonderful to have Graeme serving our Lord along side me.

I had a really difficult conversation today. It was with someone who had been to Bible College and was working in Christian ministry, but who had seen the flip chart (the law and the gospel) before but wasn't a fan, as it made people feel bad. We had quite a long discussion, and the subject swung to homosexuality - another area where we disagreed.

I became concerned that this person didn't understand the gospel, and didn't have their trust in the finished work of Jesus upon the cross for their salvation. Out of my love for them, I raised this concern. And it didn't go well. They stayed to discuss, but they eventually said that they felt judged, and started crying - leaving in that state.

I felt stink. My prayer is that this person wouldn't harden their heart and become bitter, but that this would lead to soul searching and new life in Christ.

I've been working the conversation through my mind, looking for ways I could have done better. Oh, how I want to represent God correctly. I know how short I fall - and this motivates me to study more. I am open to correction and reproof.

Some of you may know this person. Some of you might agree with them over me on this. I understand that. And as much as I want to be liked by people, and please them, I must be faithful to the truth of scripture. I must fear God over men.

In gentleness, and as best as I can, I will be honest with you.

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