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Wednesday 20 February 2019

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After a period away from the CBD, I have begun heading into the Mall on Fridays and Tuesdays. It was good to be back witnessing to the people of Hobart again. I have missed the work and have prayed for the people incessantly whilst I was away.

On Friday I spent about an hour or so handing out “Life is Precious” tracts at the traffic lights outside of Centro and Cat and fiddle and then over near the bus mall outside Rivers and then at North end of the mall. Many tracts went out and there were some interesting conversations that came from it:

Two women went past and the first one said “no no no no” but second one took a tract. As they walked away the first said “…its Christian BS” as she tried to take the tract, the second held onto it saying “I want to know what it’s talking about”.

An older man who was very skeptical of God’s existence, I spoke to him for short time. He said there was no evidence for God’s existence. I responded that there is plenty, from nature! The created world speaks of its creator. He responded that he could not believe that such complexity could come from one God. The truth is quite the opposite, complexity of the level we see in nature clearly demonstrates the need for a designer. We also spoke of the Bible and it’s trustworthy and proven nature.

A young lady stopped to ask me about the tract I gave her. She like the other gent asked if there was any evidence for God. She had been in a Church locally until 12, around that time she was convinced by science teachers at school there was no God. When she asked few people at Church would respond to her questions and she felt no-one gave her good evidence for God. We talked through the supports for the Bible, the message of the Bible, and the great news of salvation in Jesus Christ. I thanked and left her to think things over.

On Tuesday I was in the mall with a few supporting people in prayer and in the evening gave out tracts again.

Mr P. dropped by the Bible table. He is a Christian contact who has been coming for a while, who has been working with the homeless and drug addicts. He is a Godly man in a tiring and difficult work. We spoke together for some time about God’s faithfulness in times of difficulty

An older lady came by the table also, she was a Christian who wanted a Bible. She encouraged me to continue as she could see the Lord coming back soon from the way society was becoming increasingly sinful and lost.

I was prompted to preach from Jn 3:16 after a union protest group came down the mall shouting about better pay for our already well-paid public service. They had a message they thought was important to share and would disturb people to get the message across. I have the same conviction and will shake things up with noisy preaching about Jesus because it is so very important. God is even more set on shaking things up, he has turned our world upside down and changed the course of history through the coming of Jesus Christ. He is the only hope of eternal life and God so loves this broken evil world that He came to die for undeserving sinners. I preached on this theme for some time, towards the end a man listening gave me the thumbs up as he left.

Later in the afternoon, prompted by our country’s abominable commitment to slaughter unborn Australians, I preached from Mat 5: 21-26.  God views murder seriously, it will lead to the hell of fire (an eternal reality that should shake and sober all of us, Christian and not). Abortion takes the life of a human being made in God’s image, this is murder and the Bible says that regardless of the motivation it will face God’s wrath into eternity. There were some who reacted negatively to this message but Mr D. sat through the preaching nodding and came up afterwards to thank me for my comments. He said that children were precious and that he wished he and his ex-wife could have had some and he wished that people could see how precious unborn children were.

At the end of the afternoon I had a discussion with Mr U. a regular, this time and last has been mostly catching up as I’ve not seen him for a while. When we parted I headed to office with Bible table and then out to do tracts again.

I handed out many “Eternity” and “Life is Precious” tracts outside the bus mall, with many people taking them with smiles and thanks.

I saw Cap Tasmania who I’ve spoken to previously when handing out literature, his partner is very unwell and he’d come from giving her flowers. We spoke briefly before being interrupted and I continued handing out tracts.

Mr U. happened by again and wanted to know what the tracts say. He has been around for a long while so when he read them, he said it was what he has heard said and preached consistently before.

I then headed home after a good day.

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