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Wednesday 27 February 2019

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Tuesday and Wednesday saw 4 outreaches happening at 3 locations: in the City, on Riccarton Road, and outside the Hospital.

While on Riccarton Road on Tuesday afternoon, soon after I had set up the flip chart, I offered a tract to a lady walking past.  She ignored it and grumbled something under her breath.  I asked if she was OK, and she turned around and said something like: "It's because of you my niece couldn't get to sleep for 2 nights!".  I was shocked and confused.  She added, that I had shared with her about "that hell stuff".  And something about her boyfriend being annoyed, and I was lucky he wasn't around.  I then understood.  I responded, "I'm out to share the good news of hope for eternal life through Jesus" - before she walked off in disgust.

My first thought was that I've become unbalanced in my law / grace presentation.  But then, maybe the Holy Spirit is bringing conviction of sin into this lady's life?  I hope it is the later, and if so, that this young lady won't shake it off and return to normal thinking, but that it would lead to repentance and faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of sin - to the joy of knowledge of the grace of God.

Later, a man accepted a tract and stopped for a chat.  It turned out that this man was a Christian keen on evangelism, and has even open air preached Cathedral Square!  Our conversation was interrupted, when a lady stopped at the flip chart and I had an opportunity to share the gospel with her.  The man watched for a while before heading off.  But later, he came back to say that he would be in touch.  I hope to see him again.

The Wednesday morning outreach in the city was busy, with many gospel conversations in Cathedral Square.  It was nice to have some cloud cover so it wasn't too hot.

A highlight conversation was with one of my 3 hecklers from the previous Thursday's preaching (one of the genuine hecklers).  I was able to have another opportunity to share the law and the gospel with this young man.  Part way through his phone rang, and he hung it up.  It rang again, and I told him he could answer it, but he just ignored it and asked me to continue!  I'm confident he understood the message.  I leave him in the hands of God and I hope to see him again.

By the afternoon, the cloud had passed and the sun was beating down as I stood outside the hospital.  This forced me to go exploring to find a shady spot to witness from.  A number of good gospel conversations were had through out the afternoon, and tracts were distributed.

May Jesus receive the reward of His suffering.

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