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Friday 8 March 2019

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Thursday was hot in Christchurch (NZ).

The day started with some letterbox dropping, before heading to the city.  It is wonderful to have Andy enabled to join the Thursday outreaches due to the support of the Redemption Church Christchurch family - thank you!

I needed to get a document signed in front of an official witness, so I went to the court for this (1 street over from Cashel Mall).  As I went in, I noticed a young construction worker sitting down and enjoying his lunch.  As I was leaving, I noticed he was still there and decided to approach him to offer him a tract.  This opened the door to a wonderful gospel conversation where we wrestled together discussing the important questions of life.

In the late afternoon we headed to the Eastgate bus stops.  As usual, it was a fruitful ground for gospel ministry - with pretty much constant gospel interactions occurring.

A stand out conversation was with a young high school student.  He was waiting for his bus, but was open to a conversation.  I only had 5 minutes before his bus arrived, so I had to go quick, but he seemed to understand the law and gospel message I presented to him.

I moved to the other side of the road, and had another gospel conversation.  And as that wrapped up, and I moved on, I approached another high school student.  But it turned out it was the same guy!  He said he missed his bus - so I took the opportunity to follow up.

I was explaining the paradox of salvation being a gift, and yet it having a great cost.  To my amazement, this young man understood this, and confessed that, effectively, he wanted to trust in Christ, but only after he had done something that he knew Christ wouldn't want him to.  He was wrestling with the cost of following Jesus!  I pleaded with him not to follow through with whatever he was planning, repent, and trust in Christ today.  He gladly took a Bible, and other literature from me.

I could see Andy further down talking with another young man who had just hopped off a bus (pictured).  The outreach was about to finish, so I wandered down to wait for Andy.  To my surprise, the guy I had just finished talking to, wandered down as well.  It turns out these 2 guys were friends!  They both heard the gospel this day and were challenged by it.  May they count the cost, and then trust in Christ.

On Friday, in contrast to Thursday, the rain came.  Not ideal for street evangelism.  But the gospel still went forth.  I donned my wet weather gear and plodded the streets putting tracts in letterboxes.  Andy decided to go into the city anyway, and the Lord blessed him with 4 solid gospel conversations.

In the late afternoon, the rain stopped and the temperature increased.  So the evening outreach in the city went ahead.  And even though the foot traffic was light, many gospel conversations occurred.

One inquisitive young man (in the background of photo), with a Hindu or Buddhist background, seemed to understand the gospel and asked many questions trying to reconcile the information I was sharing with him.  I offered him a Bible and he gladly took it, along with other literature.  He seemed so blessed to receive it as a gift.  May God show him his sin, and the great grace of Jesus our Lord - may he repent and trust in Christ.  May I see him again.

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