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Tuesday 12 March 2019

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In Woodridge on Tuesday it was a scorcher at almost 40 degrees but God's word continued to go out!

The first conversation of the afternoon was with a young lady named Hannah. She was asked what she thought happened after she died and said there was nothing. When asked why she believed that she had no reason. She was shown the building builder analogy saw where it was going and realised that it made sense. It was pointed out that the reason people don't want to believe in God is because are trying to avoid the guilt of their sin by saying there is no judge. As the conversation just began her bus arrived to "save" her from having to think too hard about eternity.

Soon a young man named Andrew tried to justify his sin by saying that if he was god he would have designed a world in which everyone could do what they liked. It was pointed out how utterly foolish that idea is because even with the limited freedom people have in this world, it is an absolute mess. He was shown that our selfishness that drives our actions is very much the problem and that more freedom will not remove that. He too then had to hop on the bus.

Next two guys were walking past reading a tract and one said, "I only like Satan". They were asked if they really meant that and jokingly said yes and then were asked why they would back the losing team. Jesus has already risen, Satan is defeated. Then getting a bit more serious when asked if they would go to Heaven or Hell after they died they both said Heaven.

When asked what they were trusting in their said their own goodness. They were asked if they had ever told a lie and said, "Of course, who hasn't". But it was pointed out that God's standard is perfection and even their lying will disallow them from getting into Heaven. At this their bus arrived as well and they headed off with their tracts in hand. Please be praying for these men that they would be serious about considering eternity because their current paths are heading toward and eternity of Hell.

There were two other ladies, Lee-Anne and Stacey who heard the Gospel and both were able to respond back with the correct message after hearing the Gospel. Lee-Anne didn't seem very moved but did seem to have understood. Stacey on the other hand said she would have to search it out herself as she didn't often listen to what people had said and believe it straight away. Thankfully though they were both good conversations where the Gospel was shared, the seriousness was made known and both were left with a decision to make.

Another short conversation was with a lady named Aaliyah on her way home from Tafe. She said she didn't know if there was a God but was happy to be challenged, saw that buildings have builders and in the same way, even if we don't know who built this world, someone must have because it has a beginning. As it was being pointed out why this matters her bus arrived and she took a tract, mentioning that it would be good to chat more next time.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel today, those who even heard a little bit about how we know God exists and keep those who will hear in the coming days in your prayers. Also please pray for those who rejected an opportunity to hear the Gospel, there were three men today who were uninterested in talking about God, some to the point of walking away as they were first asked.

May God glorify Himself by bringing many to salvation!

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