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Friday 22 March 2019

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Thursday was a really exciting day.

I was going to head straight to Eastgate and do some gospel letterbox dropping as well as one to one conversations at the bus stops, but Marty posted that the OAC team would be in the Square - so I changed my plans to spend half my time in the city and half at Eastgate. And I'm so glad I did!

Firstly, I offered a tract to a dude on my way to the Square and it turned into one of the best conversations I've had in a long time. He understood the gospel, and then said: "I should read the Bible". And he was blown away when I gave him one. Oh that he would take the step further from understanding and trust alone in Christ. But that's Gods job.

In the Square Marty was preaching. And our "favorite" heckler was dishing out his usual. But then a guy with a microphone started interviewing the heckler.

After Marty had finished preaching, we were talking when the guy, who turned out to be with Radio NZ, approached for an interview. Marty was wisely shy of talking, suspecting a trap related to the recent tragedy here in Christchurch. But strangely, I had a deep desire to talk. I've got nothing to hide.

And so before I knew it, I was being interviewed by this guy. And my focus was on being upfront with the gospel - as always.

At least 4 times this guy asked me if those that died in the tragic shootings were going to hell. A simple 'yes' wouldn't be right, as it needs context. I kept answering the question WITH context and in multiple ways. I did my best to be faithful, yet balanced and compassionate (the killings were WRONG, I love and am praying for my Muslim neighbors, I want them to know of the justice of God and the forgiveness found only in Christ).

Afterwards, I kept thinking of better answers that I could have given. I pray that, if the interview is used, I will be represented fairly.

After the interview, there was a guy, who had been listening to my interview, who I got into an amazing gospel conversation with. Apparently I had given him an Intelligence Test tract to him on a previous day, and it had impacted him. He had a Catholic background, so the long conversation focused on salvation by faith vs works.

I praise God for those 3 opportunities to share of Him and His love!

And it didn't end there, as I then spent 2 hours in non stop gospel conversations at the Eastgate bus stops. This was just around the block from the 2nd mosque that was attacked, and it was so sad seeing the blocked off streets. But it was so awesome being able to talk with people who had been impacted by the terrible event and share hope with them.

Today, Friday, saw the team in Cathedral Square and Cashel Mall using the flip chart and tracts.  At 1:30 pm we, along with everyone else in NZ, paused for 2 minutes of silence in remembrance of those who had lost their lives a week earlier.

Please keep praying for Christchurch: for those that have lost loved ones in the despicable attacks, that my interview - if used - would be faithful of God, for laborers for the harvest, and that the lost will hear the gospel of Jesus - before it's too late!


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