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Saturday 5 January 2008

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We went out witnessing in the cold of Fargate again this weekend. Both of us are mostly over our colds now but Anna has got a bronchitis which makes witnesing in the cold difficult. John joined us for the afternoon which was a great encouragement. John was already hard at it with a couple of muslim ladies and a catholic guy when we arrived so we got stuck in with handing out tracts.

I ran into one of the goths that we have spoken to several times Aaron, he has been very strongly opposed to the gospel when we have spoken with him before. This afternoon Aaron told me that he had been thinking a lot about the gospel and had been reading the new testament we'd given him a couple of weeks back! Praise God!

We then went up to the peace gardens and discussed the things of eternity with the Goths that were there, Anna and John got to have some good conversations with them. I discussed sin and it's consequences with Kelly but she left still rejoicing in the temporary pleasures of her sin and I left praying for God to remove her blindness and save her soul from hell.

So many of these young people are involved in lifestyles of shocking sinfulness. While God condemns equally the "ordinary" sin (if there is such a thing before God!) of those like myself; it is a testimony to the evil taught to these children that they are so embracing sin. May God one day punish the wicked people, who for the sake of money and prestige not only do wickedness but encourage these others to do likewise, applauding them when they do! It is truely said:

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
(Hebrews 10:31)

We went into the mall and Anna preached the Gospel of hope to the crowds in the mall. May God use her preaching. As we were all cold at this point we went indoors to warm up at mcdonalds. After warming up John and I went out and preached once more. During my preaching Jamie stopped to talk and I engaged him in the good person test, Jamie recognised his sin but would not admit that God would be right to condemn him for it. I reasoned with him for a time and as he left I gave him a tract and we pray that God would use the truth he heard to good effect. A couple of goths also stopped to heckle but the didn't really want to know the answer to their questions and so left quickly.

We pray that God would graciously use us in His harvest and through His mighty word would save some of those who hear.

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