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Friday 5 April 2019

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On Friday evening at the Gold Coast the team was again over ten members! Praise God for regularly raising up labourers so that those at these locations can be reached with the gospel! When will you start coming out?

An straight forward conversation took place with two ladies. They at first said that there didn't know if there was a God, they saw the reason why they know He exists. They were then taken through God's law and standards and shown why they are in trouble by God's standard. They saw the position they were in and were then shown God's offer of forgiveness, paid for by Christ. They understood the gospel, were able to repeat it back and were challenged to consider when they would trust in Christ.

Another conversation was with a named Jack who said there as no God. He didn't give a reason just didn't want there to be one. He was shown why he knows God exists and was shown his predicament via God's law. He didn't really have any arguments against these points other than to try and say that they aren't true. Sadly his girlfriend called him away. He was left with the lingering reality that if he was to face God on judgement day without the sacrifice of Christ he was going to be sent to Hell.

A really sad conversation took place with Jacob, a man who was exceedingly proud. He declared that he was very much like Jesus in many ways and was angry at being shown God's law and his sin. He didn't want a saviour and he didn't want the Gospel because all he wanted to do was to tell the team how good of a person he is. Sadly the Gospel wasn't shared as Jacob had no interest in acknowledging that he was guilty. Finally he started trying to find reasons to get angry and then stormed off in a huff.

Lastly a conversation was had with Andrew and Staril. These two guys were similar, Andrew said he was good enough to get to Heaven, Staril said that he knew there was no God but if there was he was going to Hell. As with each conversation the law was used to display sin, to which these guys tried to downplay their guilt and then the building builder analogy was used, showing that they do know there is a God, they're just suppressing that truth in unrighteousness. These men went on and flip-flopped between the two, either saying they weren't that bad or that there was no God.

They came to hear and understand the Gospel and were challenged to trust in Christ and were left with the reality that to reject Christ is to choose Hell eternally. Sadly these men were more interested in going partying than trusting in Christ and therefore they left to dig a well that could satisfy their desires, all the while leaving a conversation where they were hearing about the one who has streams of living water.

Please be praying for these conversations that God would draw those who are His unto Himself, that they may come to know Him! Please be praying that God would be softening the hearts of those who the team will speak to this evening! Please also consider coming on out sometime, that God may use you, to glorify Himself and save sinners!

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