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Sunday 7 April 2019

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The weekend saw two outreaches in the central city for the Christchurch (NZ) team.

Like Friday, both outreaches were conducted in cold and wet conditions.  But tracts were distributed and conversations occurred any way - to the glory of God.

Two highlight conversations from Saturday: an encouragement and a discouragement.

The encouragement was with a young man outside the bus exchange.  It turns out this young man had been in a Christian kids club I had been a leader of years ago.  Now from time to time I bump into these kids (now young adults) and feel discouraged as they don’t show the fruits of repentance and faith.  So I was expecting this young man to be the same.  But to my surprise he demonstrated an understanding of the Gospel and is involved with a local church!  Praise God.

The discouragement stemmed from a conversation with a lady.  As I was taking her through the law I asked her if she had ever murdered anyone, the conversation quickly moved to euthanasia.  She shared a sad, personal story where someone she knew was euthanized.  On the surface, the situation seemed justified.  And, in a way, she was looking for sympathy or justification from me.  I could not give it.  We have no right to take human life, even when there is suffering.  I briefly touched on biblical examples where God uses suffering for good.  The crucifixion of Jesus being the prime example.  I was able to explain the Gospel - that Jesus suffered the justice of God the Father so we could be forgiven of our sin and rose again, defeating death and giving us hope of eternal life.  But she was repelled by the exclusivity of Jesus being the only way to the Father and quickly disengaged and walked away.  It is hard, but vitally important that we are always faithful to the truth - as discouraging as the result can be.

The Sunday afternoon outreach started with prayer (as always).  And we asked that the rain would not hinder the Gospel going forth.

Straight after we finished praying, I headed out and started offering Easter tracts.  Two teen boys were biking past and they slammed on their brakes and came back to accept what I was offering.  They gave an interesting answer to the question of why we call Good Friday good.  Their answer was: so that kids would be able to enjoy the holiday - since it’s good!

Using this as my starting point, I was able to explain to them why we are not good, and the real reason why we call Good Friday good.  That Jesus exchanged our bad for His good on the cross so justice could be served and we could receive forgiveness.  They acknowledged that it was indeed good news!

In spite of the weather, other Gospel conversations occurred, and tracts were distributed.

Looking forward to a rest on Monday, before heading out again on Tuesday.  Your prayer is so appreciated.  Please pray for more labourers for the harvest field in Christchurch and beyond, and that God would be glorified in our obedience in sharing, and people hearing, His precious Gospel!

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