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Tuesday 9 April 2019

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On Tuesday at Woodridge again there was a team of seven out! What a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with those who were in and around the area. During the afternoon with a range of conversations there were two moments of great excitement as God was at work.

The first was with a lady named Kelly. She had grown up going to sunday school and had a little understanding of Christianity but sadly didn't know the Gospel and hadn't been to church in a very long time. But through the conversation it came out that during a hard time in the last year her friend had given her a Bible and sometimes she would open up to some passages here and there and said they made her feel nice. This opportunity was taken to point out that although she may be feeling subjective feelings of happiness, the Bible currently should leave her in great fear.

The law was shown revealing her sin and God's promises of judgement against the wicked were explained. She was shown that as she currently stands, the Bible should simply be reminding her that judgment is coming but that there is also hope. Then this true hope was explained that God purchases sinners from Hell by His work on the cross. She offered the salvation that Christ has purchased and she seemed to understand the simplicity of the gospel and the beauty of the cross and was encouraged to consider it.

Before any checking questions could be asked her bus arrived and so she was encouraged to read John's gospel from front to back over the next few days to see who this Jesus is more clearly!

Another conversation was with Evelyn. She again was very open to hear and saw her sin and the judgement it deserves. She was intently listening and engaging and knew that as she currently stood she was in trouble. Then for the first time in her life Evelyn understood the gospel! She saw what Christ had done and how it was the offer of salvation to those who believe and Evelyn was moved! Tears were streaming down her face in response to the gospel!

She heard of the response that we as Christian's should have to this gospel, that we will turn from our sin and serve God because of the salvation he has provided us. Evelyn was overjoyed at the offer of forgiveness and was thankful for the conversation. She was recommended to a local Church and said she would think about going this week!

Please be praying for these two women that God would use the conversations they had to draw them unto Himself, that they may know joy, peace and forgiveness for the first time in their lives! Please also pray that they will begin to attend a local Church and will grow in depth and understanding.

What a wonderful God we serve, may each of us be able to rejoice in the glory of God and declare to others what He has done!

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