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Friday 10 May 2019

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On Thursday we had some light rain, but it did not impact ministry, actually there wasn’t really any period of down time for the four hours of outreach in the city and at Eastgate.

In the city, we decided to move from Cathedral Square to Cashel Mall, but on the way we got into a conversation with a young man who had seen our flip chart before and wanted to understand what we were all about.  Due to the rain, Andy offered to buy him a drink, and so we were able to sit down at a table to discuss the Gospel in depth - it was a wonderful opportunity (incidentally, we saw him the next day to be able to continue the conversation, and it’s likely we will see him more often in the future).

As always, the Eastgate outreach was a busy time of ministry, having quick law and Gospel conversations with people, and also opportunities to follow up with people we have talked to before.

Friday dawned as a nice, sunny, hot, late autumns day.  Today saw a marathon of eight hours stretched over three distinct outreaches, including people of all ages, experience levels, and from various local churches.

The first outreach was the Gospel + abortion outreach.  18 people (including 3 families) turned up to hold up signs outside the hospital, and to dialogue with people about the horror of abortion, and the hope found in the Gospel.

All eight of our signs were in action.  And Andy was able to focus on conversations, having a very fruitful time of ministry.

As always, we got a mixture of very polarised responses.

Some great support, including a man who (if I heard him correctly) was shot in the recent mosque shooting!  He gladly took a tract, and then came back wanting to take a photo with us (included in this report).

But there was the inevitable attacks.  We were accused of child abuse (having our children involved) - which is ironic considering we are standing against the abuse and murder of children.  We were told that we should be educating our children - which is exactly what we are doing, it’s called social studies.

We also had two instances where young women would yell at us.  One claimed that we supported rape - which is ridiculous.  We responded firmly, but gently in all cases.

Security were called out again, but soon left.

We have no idea what impact our feeble efforts are having.  But in our weakness, we are doing what we can.  Please join us in prayer that the Lord would use it to see abortion ended in our nation, and for the furtherance of the Gospel for his glory alone.  If you live in Christchurch, please join us on this very important outreach.

Our regular Friday afternoon outreach in the city was very busy.  There were eight people involved (including two from the OAC team, and a newbie).

I had a wonderful opportunity to open air preach, as there were no buskers about.  One of our very vocal hecklers was there, but he wasn’t able to stop the proclamation.  Marty, from OAC, also preached (see picture with the wizard in the background).

The team then moved to Cashel Mall for a busy afternoon of ministry.  It was nice to be able to enjoy a coffee together afterwards.

The marathon ended with a two and a half hour evening outreach, led by Mike.  The food trucks in Cathedral Square draws people for conversations.  And to finish the outreach, we did a circuit around the pubs and bars, providing opportunities for tract distribution and conversations.

As we were walking down Hereford Street, we started talking about ways to start conversations again, and I remembered the last evening outreach where I had used the question: “excuse me, may I ask you a question, it’s a deep question”.  And so I suggested Mike try it this time.

We looked up, and two guys were walking toward us, and so Mike jumped in and said exactly that.  They both stopped and one of them said: "sure, you have 22 seconds" (or something like that).  So Mike asked “Will you go to heaven when you die?”, and then launched into a law presentation (see picture).  The two guys became so engaged, that they forgot time and the conversation ended up going for 45 minutes!  Praise God for that.

And praise God for all He is doing through all of you who head out, weak as you are, and share His precious Gospel.  Be encouraged!  Take the step, get involved: for the glory of God alone. :)

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