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Wednesday 19 June 2019

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Tuesday and Wednesday saw a fairly constant stream of Gospel conversations - which was great.  On Tuesday I was on Riccarton Road, and on Wednesday I stayed in Cathedral Square for both outreaches of the day.

The most encouraging interaction came on Wednesday morning when I first entered the Square.  Although cold, it was very sunny, and I spotted some construction workers having a break and enjoying the sun.  I headed towards them intending to start a conversation, but then I noticed another guy also enjoying the sun, and so, for some reason, I ended up approaching him instead (I guess my reasoning was that one to one conversations can be easier?).

So I just walked right up to this guy, and introduced myself.  I know that is a very un Kiwi like thing to do!  But how else are we going to get important conversations started?  I could tell the guy was a little taken back by this, but after a few minutes of interaction, he got over it and started warming to the conversation.

Amazingly, it turns out he was taking a much needed break away from life in the North Island, and since arriving in Christchurch on Sunday - I was the third stranger to interact with him about God!

On Sunday he had heard someone open air preaching (not from our team), and someone else had also approached him to talk about Christian things.

So in hindsight, I think his initial reaction when I approached him, was shock at yet another stranger reaching out to him about spiritual things.  God is trying to talk to him!  And this in turn was very encouraging to me (and I hope to you).

So, of course, I shared the law and the Gospel with him.  And we discussed this, and other things, for a good while.

He took a tract, and a contact card for my local church.

But I am sad that I didn’t get to talk with and share Jesus with those construction workers.  Maybe they will come across your path?  Are you ready to share with them?

Another interesting interaction crossed both days of outreach.  On the Tuesday in Riccarton, I handed a guy a tract.  And then on Wednesday, in The Square, he came up to my flip chart and wanted to do the good person test.

Well, I was already in a conversation with two ladies from Iran, so I said I’d be happy to talk, but I would need to finish my current conversation first.

To my surprise, he indicated that he would wait, and so he sat down and waited his turn!  It’s not often that I get queue of people wanting to talk to me!

But sadly, when I came over to talk to this guy, he scared me a little bit.  He wasn’t being rational, and he suddenly became emotional at one point.  I could see that I wasn’t going to be able to reason with this guy at the most basic level, so I gently backed off.  He then mentioned something about wanting a hug - something I wasn’t comfortable to do.  This was one of those very few situations where I want someone to move along.  And he did, which I’m grateful for.  But it is a reminder that I really appreciate all those praying for my protection as I’m out on the streets each day.  Thank you!

I took my lunch break at this point, and I moved to another spot for this.  I noticed the guy come back into the Square, and he had 3 other people with him.  As he walked past the spot where we interacted, he turned and pointed at it and said something to those with him.  I do wonder what he said.

The final interaction I’ll mention in this report is some encouragement about the “man who gets very angry at us every time he sees us” that I mentioned in a report last week.  He came through The Square again today and so I approached him.  He had his usual insults about Christianity to share, but today he asked for one of my tracts!  I gladly gave him one.  He then proceeded to insult the art work of it (he mentioned something about comparing it to Michaelangelo).  I gladly soaked up the insults but, to my joy, the anger wasn’t there this time.  And even better than that, he walked on still holding the tract!  Very encouraging.  I’m looking forward to seeing him again (God willing), and getting his thoughts on it.

God is good, and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had, through your support, to share the love of Christ with the lost over these two days.  But I’d be failing in my job, if I don’t encourage you, Christian, to get involved with the great commission!  Join me :)

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