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Sunday 23 June 2019

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As I reflect back on all these logs I write, I realise that often all the reader sees is the highlights, which can sound exciting and encouraging.  But, of course, an outreach often has long periods where it is hard to get a conversation started with anyone, or where conversations are difficult.  The reality is, Gospel outreach is hard work - like any other job.  It’s great to have encouraging conversations, but it’s about Jesus and for Jesus - and so we shouldn’t give up on hard days!

Saturday’s outreach to the city was one of those harder days.  But it was wonderful worshiping Jesus in my availability to share the Gospel with people anyway.  Only three Gospel conversations occurred for me over a two and a half hour period.  One of them was quite difficult.  But the other two are worth mentioning in a bit more detail for their encouragement.

The first one was with an asian lady.  Often people of this demographic don’t stop - so I was surprised when she did.  It turns out she had a Buddhist background, but that she was also going to a church.  Although generally unpopular, this lead to me being able to address the exclusivity of Christ (He said He was the only way) as I was presenting the law and the Gospel.  She seemed to understand what I was communicating, and even seemed to appreciate my frankness.  She took three tracts from me: “After Life”, “How we know God exists and why it matters”, and “Which one is right”.  She also wanted to know what good churches there were in her area.  It was an encouraging conversation.

The second was with a young lady, who saw me sharing with a couple (who didn’t stay long enough for me to share the Gospel), and waited to talk with me.  She was a Christian, and initially she interrogated me (gently) - I guess she was trying to work out if I was a nutter or not.  As we talked, we quickly got to the subject of what was needed to inherit eternal life.  She seemed to have a good grasp of the fundamental concept of Christianity, but she seemed slightly confused on what was meant by salvation through faith alone.  The discussion then moved to Ephesians chapter two in the Bible.  Now, I’m not too sure what was going on, but at this point she burst into tears.  I was taken back, and confused.  What had I said?  She looked up and said, “I have no idea why I’m crying, but can I pray for you”?  I didn’t know what to think, we talked a little more, and I found out what church she was connected to, but then she became emotional again, and again asked to pray.  So I let her, and I was really encouraged listening to her ask God to help me share His Gospel with people.  She moved on after that - but not before taking a tract from me with an explanation on how to get in touch.  God knows what was really going on in that conversation - may He use it for His glory.

Sunday had a team of five involved.  The highlight conversation for me was with a young lady attracted to the flip chart as she walked past with her friends - she wanted to know what it was about.  Her friends were not interested at all, and left her with me.  I figured I wouldn’t have much time, so I didn’t muck around in taking her through the law and the Gospel.

Her responses were incredibly encouraging.  When I asked her if she had lied, she said “countless times”.  And when I explained that anger was murder of the heart, and lust was adultery of the heart, her response was: “Wow!”.  She really seemed to understand what it meant right off the bat and she was humble in accepting it.  She knew she would be guilty on judgement day, and freely confessed that she would deserve hell.

So it was my pleasure to share the Gospel with her.  Again, her response was: “Wow!”.  Her friends were long gone, but she didn’t seem to care.  I challenged her to place her faith in Christ’s sacrifice for her today, and then talked about the change that would occur in her life if she did so: a change of heart away from sin and to God which would result in a change of action.

She gladly received a tract, and I gave her some for her friends too.  As always, I leave her in the hands of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to convict and convert.

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