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Friday 21 June 2019

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Over the last two Fridays a group of Hobart locals and I have been witnessing at the mid-winter festival of Dark Mofo. There was so much to be grateful for in these last two weeks. Firstly, there is literally a boat load of spiritually seeking people who come to Hobart to attend the festival. Secondly, we have freedom to reach out on the streets of Hobart (despite what some of the security and Dark Mofo staff believe). Lastly and most importantly, God is moving His people to respond to the spiritual darkness this festival.

Over the course of the two weeks we have handed out many tracts, as always it is a joy to see people tucking them into pockets and bags or reading them to their friends as they walk. While there were less given out than in other years, I am sure God multiplies each tract’s impact many-fold. I have heard many times of people picking up tracts that other’s have dropped and reading them. Even so-called trash witnesses that Jesus saves!

Also there have been many people all over Hobart praying for our outreach. Thank you to all of you and your comments of support and encouragement. It means a lot to those who go to know you are on your knees before God on our behalf.

During the evenings there were a number of great conversations that happened. As in all things the Lord gives some people great gifts in certain areas. Both Karl and Gideon are people who can start a conversation within minutes of trying to hand out tracts. It seemed every time I turned around; they were deep in gospel conversation yet again!

I was also blessed with some good conversations over the two nights, two of them particularly stand out to me:

Two young guys: They stopped to ask “what’s this?” when I handed them a “You may not have tomorrow” tract. I explained that it was talking about life after death and God and Jesus. Still not satisfied they wanted to know more so we began to talk through the good person test. One of them said he was a good guy, the other said he was a bad guy and had done evil things. I took them through the law of God to show them what God thinks of their deeds (and mine). All of us had failed to keep God’s law in regard to lies, blasphemy and hatred (which is murder in God’s eyes).

I asked them what would that mean for them if they were to die? They said it would mean hell for them both. At this I encouraged them to consider what Jesus said about hell, the darkness, in the fire, alone, surrounded by the screams and moans of others under judgement. All this was made to seem imminent indeed with the belches of fire from the iron pyramids standing in the dark behind us at the festival entrance. I then walked them through what Jesus has done on the cross and the free offer of salvation for all who trust in Him. Each of them took a tract and I hope that I’ll see them around in Hobart again. Please God, save them from hell and death!

Mr A. : We had a long conversation started with the simple question, “I’m a Christian, but what do you think comes after this life?”. Mr A. shared his perspective on the Bible, God and Jesus. Many of the things he said we differed on but one thing there was quite clear agreement in in our discussion: God is real and there is no excuse that will do away with that reality. I enjoyed talking with Mr A and there were both serious and light hearted moments in the mix. We both share a delight in both Tolkien’s and CS Lewis’s fantasies. Towards the end of the discussion Mr A. commented that the Bible should be more frequently presented in the way that those authors wrote about Biblical truth. There is a lot of truth in that and I pray that God will use those authors to the salvation of Mr A and the many others like him!

And so, in the midst of the darkness, fire, weirdness, and perversity of Dark Mofo there were many things to be grateful for. I pray that some of those that walked away into the night were walking towards the light as God draws them to faith in Christ.

Praise to the Father of lights from whom all blessings flow!

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