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Sunday 7 July 2019

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The weekend of outreach for the Christchurch (NZ) saw wet weather on Saturday, but a return to clear skies and winter sun on Sunday.

The outreach was difficult on Saturday, although it started with a wonderful initial Gospel conversation, I only ended up having one more conversation in two and a half hours I was in the city.  So I ended up ending the outreach slightly early and heading to the letterboxes instead.  I don’t think the weather helped, as rain showers passed through often.  And yet, maybe that one conversation will be pivotal in bringing glory to God through salvation?

It started only after the guy had passed a first time and accepted a tract.  When he came back past, I asked if he had read it, and a conversation got started.  It turns out we had both lived in a small city called Timaru and the mutual connection was fuel to a warm conversation.  He was a bhudist.  Eventually I had an opportunity to share the law and the Gospel with him.  He genuinely seemed impacted, and more than once said he had something to think about - which was very encouraging.  But I made it clear there was an urgency to respond.  The Gospel message is clear, and we may not have another opportunity.

The reason he was in the city was for a rugby match on later in the evening.  Many supporters were walking through, but none, except this guy, seemed interested in discussing the important questions of life.

The one other conversation I had was a bit discouraging.  The person seemed completely blind to the serious nature of sin, and the amazing grace of Jesus - the worries of this life seemed more important.

I delivered tracts to letterboxes in the rain with prayer.

As discouraging as Saturday’s outreach seemed - I’m not discouraged.  We worship God who is in control of everything, I have confidence in Him no matter what comes.

Sunday’s outreach had a team of four - Andy’s son, Josiah, managed five Gospel tracts today - not beating his record, but still a wonderful effort.  Well done! :)

Tracts were received, conversations were had.  And I open air preached - although I had to battle a loud speaker playing music nearby.

God is good all glory to Him!

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