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Sunday 6 July 2008

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As soon as the Skypecast opened at 9pm we had a person who wanted a to have a chat with us. At first he said he was an Atheist, but after I gave him some proofs for God's existence, he acknowledged there must be a God. So I then showed him why there must be a judgment after we die and I asked him where he thought he was going to go. The gentleman said, "Heaven", so I brought him through God's law to show him his sinfulness. This then led onto the gospel and what someone must do to be saved. The guy then asked whether we take the Bible literally. I responded, "I read the Bible plainly, taking into account the different genres. So the poetry in the Bible I don't take as narrative, and the narrative I don't take as poetry." He was surprised to find a Christian who actually believed in Noah's Ark and the Creation story. He tried to contend that Evolution has been proven though, however when asked for the evidence, he was lacking.

After some more various questions about the Bible and Christianity, I tried to steer the conversation back to the gospel. I laid the options clearly out for the fellow, either eternity in Hell or Jesus taking the punishment. The man said he would think about it and was very glad he could have this conversation.

It was rather quiet for the rest of the night, but the gospel still went out to the people that were listening.

Please pray that God will bring in more people next time to hear the gospel preaching.

We will have another Skypecast at the same time next week - Sunday 9pm - 12am GMT+10. If you would like to advertise the upcoming Operation 513 Skypecasts on your webpage/blog/myspace, please visit the Skypecast page and that will give you the instructions on how you can do so.

To God be the glory!

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