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Friday 30 August 2019

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On Friday evening on the Gold Coast a team of 7 headed into Surfers Paradise to declare the glorious gospel to those who so desperately need it.

A few conversations tonight with young men were had and as they came to see that their rejection of God had very little to do with their intellect and more to do with their desire to live their own way. In fact one young man who saw his guilt and that he deserved Hell got up and left the conversation with the declaration, "I just want to live however I feel and I don't want God to tell me what to do".

There was also a really sad conversation with a lady who was coming to see her current eternity and who seemed very interested in hearing the way to Heaven but her sister came over and interrupted. Her sister declared that she has struggled with depression and because of that she shouldn't hear about the way to Heaven.

The sister than dragged away her adult sister away and stopped her from hearing the solution to sin. The strong condemnation was shared with the sister that worse than depression is ending up in Hell and that she could be held responsible for stopping her sister from learning how she could go to Heaven.

In more exciting news the evening finished with a conversation with Bob and Ashley. This young couple had a Church background and yet for the first time they came to understand the way to Heaven. It took Bob a little longer than Ashley but at the end of it all they were left with the very serious challenge, "When will you start trusting only in what Christ has done to save you from Hell?"

Ellie, Cameron, Billie and Carlos also came to hear and be able to articulate the simple message of the gospel and each were left with the serious decision about when they would start trusting in Christ alone.

Please be praying for those who heard the good news that God would us this to draw them to Himself.

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