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Saturday 23 November 2019

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Our very first evangelism outreach at a show 🙃 Waimate A&P show. We started the day with just one little camping table & a handful of literature. Still a great deal to learn & improve on e.g Operation 513 Timaru signs, display boards etc, but at least we were there! 😁We had a really good conversation with a guy who admitted he made up hi no s own belief system and had a real problem with God of the Bible allowing suffering of various kinds. He was very polite; frustrating in the sense that he "agreed" with almost everything we said, saying he also believed in "God", even though it was clear that we did not mean the same "God", as we argued from the Bible.

The last interaction at the Waimate A&P show was unfortunately with a group of hostile & mocking teenagers who made a big show of ripping up a Gospel tract :( The weather was drizzling rain from start to finish. Overall it was a good outing & God willing aim to be  back next year! 😀

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