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Friday 3 January 2020

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We had two Special Outreaches this semester. The annual Carnival of Flowers festival is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) event in the city and people from all over Queensland and beyond travel to experience it. The streets are packed full of buses and tourists, so our team splits up in different directions and aim to hand out Gospel tracts which explain why Jesus is such Good News for humanity. This year, we barely had time to hand out tracts as people wished to take tracts yet also wanted to run full speed along to their next destination! It makes for some acrobatic moments, to say the least.
Amidst this crazy outreach, we were blessed to both meet and work alongside Zandi, who joined us from Chinchilla for the day. Zandi is an inspiring woman who has a passion for outreach and who wanted to meet our team. We were very grateful to partner with both Zandi and Jonno from Goondiwindi, who came down with his family.
We also conducted our annual Christmas Lights outreach, which is another huge event that occurs in Queens Park every year. Tens of thousands of people stream through to see the phenomenal Christmas lights display and we aim to be there for at least a couple of nights. Jonno and his family once more drove from Goondiwindi to Toowoomba to join us (3 hr drive one way!) and as always their presence brought a unique and awesome flavour/encouragement to the ministry.
Looking back over 2019, we thank God that we were able to share about Jesus with thousands of people through tracts and through personal conversation. In all things, He gets all the credit and we get to share in His joy. May His Kingdom expand across Toowoomba in the lives and hearts of many in the coming years.

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