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Tuesday 17 March 2020

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What a glorious day to be in God’s service here in Hobart! In the midst of so much fear and anxiety we were able to reach out with the hope and security found in Jesus Christ alone.

There were many encouragements and great conversations had through the day today as Kieron and I were able to preach and read the word and run the Bible table. Repeatedly we were able to speak with Christians and so many of them were calm and joyful, such a contrast to the panic that seems to permeate the media these days.

Mrs P. – an American Christian who came to the Bible table asking for resources while I was reading from Romans 8. Very please to hear about the regular outreach in the mall and encouraged us to continue in the work. Was interested in getting some tracts to do outreach at work. Was able to supply her with some and the link to purchase more from the Operation 513 webstore.

Christian couple from Cambridge (Tasmania not England) – part of a fellowship in the Cambridge community hall (Praise God for raising up churches!). Likewise, very please there is an outreach happening in the mall and took some tracts to use around Hobart and Cambridge.

Ms D. – Regular visitor to the outreach who we all love and pray for regularly. Has faced many struggles and continues to face hard times with medical concerns and the sins of others around her. She sat and talked and listened for some time and we were able to encourage her and assure her of our prayers.

School student – Has stopped previously and I was able to encourage and hopefully bless her with some of the comfort that God offers. She was struggling with how to be generous with those who would use that generosity to damage themselves. I encouraged her to continue to be generous but not to give in to demands that it be purely be financial. I pointed her to the examples in scripture that teach us to offer help in such a way that it is blessing others. I also told her that when I have people in the mall ask for help, I will offer to buy them food or something similar rather than giving money. She thanked Kieron and I for the outreach and then encouragement of the preaching today, and I praise God that it blessed her, because her encouragement blessed me.

Mr M. – A regular Italian visitor, we often talk about world events, and today it was about coronavirus and other health concerns. I was able to encourage him to be careful and look to the Lord for security in these times. He also encouraged me in the work and particularly the preaching.

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