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Thursday 7 May 2020

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Today in the double outreach, the team of around ten rejoiced the have the opportunity to speak with many more people about the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

The afternoon started with a strong conversation with Patonia. She initally professed faith and then it came out that she believed her goodness was a part of her justification. She was a part of the movement called, "The Last Reformation" who believe that baptism is required for salvation. She then went through a range of emotions from anger to sadness as she came to terms with the lies of this movement and came to grasp the simple message of the gospel. She was looking for the truth but wasn't sure if she would start reading the Bible for herself.

Please be praying that she would respond to the gospel in faith and start seeing what God has said in His word!

A following conversation was with Huan, a man who came to grasp the gospel very quickly and said this day he would trust in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins! He was so thankful for the chat and rejoiced that we'd had it.

Lastly worth noting was Ben a Jewish man who noted at the end that he was really glad we'd had the chat. He started professing atheism and saw the foolishness of it and came to acknowledge God. Then he was taken through the law and shown how desperately he falls short and then when asked for the solution he had no idea and said, "You tell me".

He was thankful for the chat as he came to see and acknowledge that his Tanakh pointed to Jesus as the only savior for the world and was thankful for the conversation. He said he would read Isaiah 53 and would consider opening up the New Testament for himself afterwards!

Praise God for these three stand out conversations and please pray that God would be drawing these sinners to Himself through the gospel they heard this day!

And since you're probably stuck at home, why not come and join us sometime?

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