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Thursday 14 May 2020

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On Thursday, the team set out for an afternoon of conversations and it was wonderful. As usual there are people around who are hard hearted but God is still glorified. But one absolute stand out conversation was the final one with, a young lady named, Alexis.

The first chat was with an ex-JW who sadly still believed in God but had just decided to live however he wants. The next was a Brazillian man who would believe literally anything to not have to acknowledge God's existence. Then there was a young girl who saw the problem and left because it was too intense and another girl abruptly disconnected just before comprehending the gospel. There was also Abby who was high and didn't get the gospel as she was very distracted but the absolute standout was the conversation with Alexis.

Alexis professed to be a Christian but then stated that she thought it was her goodness that would be the reason that she entered Heaven. She said, "asking for forgiveness, obey God's rules and trying your best". A good amount of time was spent really displaying how that can't possibly be the solution because the standard is perfection, God says that sin deserves Hell and He cannot let guilt go unpunished.

She tried grasping onto anything she could but there came a point where she saw how serious the predicament is and that really is nothing she can offer God in order to be forgiven. Then the good news was shared and her first response was, "Wow! You're a genius. You really had me worried there but now this really does look like good news!"

She took a little while to further understand the level of forgiveness that is offered and that eternal life is a free gift but once she understood it, she acknowledged although she thought she was a Christian before this conversation she now understands that she wasn't and professed faith from today! She was also silenced and just couldn't stop saying, "Thank you!".

In the end she said, "I've got not more questions to ask but I must say it again, Thank you!" She was blown away but the goodness and kindness of God!

Please be praying for the earlier conversations that God would be drawing those people unto Himself through the fragments they received today but also pray for Alexis that should would start reading her Bible today and that there would be a total life transformation as a result of this conversation!

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