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Sunday 3 August 2008

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At the scheduled time of 9pm the Skypecast started and it immediately got busy. Right off the bat, a fellow by the name of Eddie from the US wanted to discuss religion. He did not hold to any particular religion and was unsure about the whole issue. However when asked whether he thought he would go to Heaven, he said yes. He thought that God would weigh out the good and bad things he has done. I pointed out to him that a good and just judge will never accept a bribe, so if God is just He cannot be bribed by anything, not even a person's good works. This lead straight onto the gospel, how we can be saved from God's wrath if we trust that Jesus paid the punishment for our sins on the cross. Eddie wanted to know what distinguished Christianity from every other religion in the world. So I laid out one of major differences, between a salvation earned by ourselves (in every other religion), and a salvation by God's grace (Christianity).

However, it was at this point I noticed Skype was playing up. People were strangely being moved up to the talking area without me moving them up. And there was even a person logged in as me having conversations with people via text messaging. But despite these problems, the gospel still went out, and the entire show was even broadcast live on Voice of Truth Radio.

The next heckler we had was a pantheist who believed God is everything. I think Pantheism is just another form of Atheism, because it's just another excuse to say "I are god and can do whatever I want". Nevertheless, Pantheism is easily refuted by showing that it is self-contradictory. However, this fellow explicitly stated that if someone makes a toy car for their child, that car becomes them. It was at this stage I knew I was not talking to a rational person. After a bit of reasoning with the man, I managed to present both the law and the gospel to him.

After a few more conversations with hecklers, I had a good in-depth conversation with Rob Liaison from Voice of Truth Radio about subjects such as, Atheism, Islam, Catholisim, "Does Baptism save?", "Is Mormonism Biblical?", "Do our good works credit us salvation?", etc.

We will have another Skypecast at the same time next week - Sunday 9pm - 12am GMT+10. If you would like to advertise the upcoming Operation 513 Skypecasts on your webpage/blog/myspace, please visit the Skypecast page and that will give you the instructions on how you can do so.

To God be the glory!

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