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Wednesday 3 June 2020

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Wednesday online was a wonderful outreach! With 9 team members on over the course of the day and many gospel conversations taking place it was a great afternoon to witnessing.

The introduction started with three chats in a row, seeing God's existence and their guilt and then leaving when asked for the solution for sinners not to go to Hell. Sadly they left without hearing the good news!

This was followed by a conversation with Lillie who typed her responses. Over a slower conversation she came to see that she is in serious trouble, that even though she hasn't done too much wrong by the world's standards that God says the standard for Heaven is perfection. She then saw that her goodness would not be able to keep her out of Hell but that the only way to Heaven is if someone else pays what she owes.

She then was reminded about Jesus Christ and what He did to save sinners and she grasped the good news and was filled with thankfulness, acknowledging that prior to the conversation she was heading to Hell but from now on she would start trusting that Jesus paying for her sin was the only thing getting her into Heaven!

Next was a similar conversation with two teenagers. They both thought they were heading to Heaven and were shocked as they saw they deserved Hell and then grasped the gospel quite quickly and one girl said, "That is so beautiful I think I'm going to cry". She also realised that this would cause her life to change and said she wanted to start reading her Bible!

The last exciting conversation was with 6 teenagers all sitting next to each other on the bed. It was expected that they would disconnect at some point but what was so exciting is that over a fifteen minute conversation they all listened answered and the majority were able to comprehend the gospel. They were encouraged to start reading their Bible as well!

It was overall an exciting day and well worth it! As is the case with every outreach as God's word never returns void, rather it accomplishes all it was set out to do!

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