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Wednesday 6 August 2008

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Anna and I went into Sheffield this Wednesday with little time but a determination to witness to our Lord. On the way into Fargate we bumped into another regular evangelist in Fargate, Cedric. He joined us in prayer and we appealed to the Lord of the harvest to bring in people both to hear and to be saved.

As we had little time I set up to preach immediately and Anna set to with tracts and one-to-one's. Anna was able to give out many tracts and at one stage had to come and get some more - a wonderful problem to have. She also had a couple of conversations which is always encouraging to see.

I stood to preach the mystery of the gospel to the lost of Sheffield, praise God that he has revealed the way of salvation that is certain to save those who will trust in Him. While I preached a couple of young people came up who I'd spoken to recently. They hadn't considered what I'd told them recently and had gone back to their lives unchanged. We pray that there would be fruit in the lives of those we witness to, that God would grant them repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We spoke for a short period, before their friend Callum arrived. Callum and I were able to discuss the justice and forgiveness of God, particularly how the mercy and forgiveness of God is exactly in line with His perfect justice. This is why He will never "just forgive" sinners, but rather requires the death of a perfect sacrifice for sin before forgiveness is possible. The wages of sin is death and every person who sins is under the just condemnation of eternal death for their rebellion against God.

Callum's friend also pointed out that he was a homosexual and "doesn't God hate gay's?". At this I turned to her and said "any sexual relationship outside of marriage is condemned by God as sin, you need to be just as concerned as he should be, if you have lusted or committed fornication!". The death and resurrection of Jesus and the repentant faith of believers is still the only means of salvation offered to mankind. It doesn't matter if you are a liar, thief, sorcerer, murderer, homosexual, greedy, lustful or atheist; if you have broken the law of God in ANY way you need to repent and turn to Jesus in faith.

We spoke for a short period longer and I urged them again and again (and any in earshot) to turn from their sin. As I finished and stepped down a soft spoken man came up to speak with me. He is an atheist and disagreed with with what I'd said. We talked for a short period and I spoke to him of some of the major problems I would have with that world view if I held to it. Just to give a quick list, my problems would include: no proof that God is non-existent (that would require absolute knowledge), the problem of evolution from non-life to life, the evolution from reptile to bird (no matter what anyone says a diaphragmatic hernia will never make you more fit!), the Cambrian period, and the intricate interlacing of systems in life in a design that points to a creator. As I had to get back to work I left him with a tract and told him when we'd next be in - hopefully we'll get to speak again.

Praise God for the great things He has and continues to do. May His name be praised.

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