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Wednesday 18 November 2020

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On Tuesday I had some good chats with Muslims online.

The first was with a guy from Saudi Arabia, but currently living in the UK.  He heard the law and I started to explain the gospel.  My first question was “If someone takes 100% of your hell punishment, how much is left for you?”  And he got stuck on that for a long time.  He couldn’t bring himself to answer the question.  He would throw up diversions - I would politely listen, and then bring him right back to the question.  Eventually he answered the question correctly: none.  I explained that Jesus is offering to pay his hell fine, but not surprisingly he was resistant and disconnected.

The next guy got hung up on the same thing!  He got frustrated and bailed with “I’m [a] good [person].  Your message is wrong”.

But to finish off, I had a great chat with a guy [not a Muslim this time] who came to grasp the gospel.

In the afternoon, I was in Riccarton with Roger.  As usual, we had a busy couple of hours talking to people about Jesus (as pictured).

The weather wasn’t looking good on Wednesday, so I decided to spend the time in online outreach.

To start with I had a string of resistant people where I didn’t get far with.

Although one of those people responded positively to the building / builder analogy - it seemed to open up a line of thinking they hadn’t considered before.  I led her down that line of thinking to the reality of an afterlife.  She sat back and considered and then she said, “you know, you’ve given me an existential crisis…” and she disconnected.  Sadly, She didn’t hear the gospel, but she is in God’s hands.

Another kid followed the logic flawlessly - even heard the gospel, but bailed soon after.

But to finish up, I had two golden conversations.  The first was with two ladies who were being silly.  I thought the conversation was going to be like the previous ones, but I persisted.  To my surprise, they sobered, and really started engaging.  My guess is that they had Christian backgrounds but had never really understood the gospel.  By the end they acknowledged that the conversation had really helped them in their understanding.  I pointed them back to their Bibles.

The last conversation was text based and I’ve decided to include it, lightly edited.  The highlight is that they asked: “What if I’m bi[sexual]”, and at the end of the conversation they said: “I’m 100% sure I'm going to heaven now, ty [thank you]”.  Praise God

You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: what do you think happens after life? :)
Stranger: we either go to heaven or hell or we just stay dead
You: ok, so what do you have to do to go to heaven?
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: believe in jesus
You: Interesting answer. Why does believing in Jesus get us to heaven?
Stranger: because he crucified himself to pay for our sins
Stranger: thats what my mom told me =w=
You: Your mum gave you a good answer! Do you believe Jesus did that for you?
Stranger: yessir
You: So, out of 100, how sure are you that you are going to heaven?
Stranger: maybe like 97%
You: ok... so why 3% doubt?
Stranger: idk in the back of my head i just keep thinking "what is there is no god and everything was just a lie"
You: ok, let me address that.
You: Where did the universe come from?
Stranger: honestly idk =w=
You: ok, look at it like this...
You: Have you met the people who made your house?
You: Assuming you haven't - what is the proof that they exist?
You: The proof is your house - right?
Stranger: yep
You: It's the same with the universe... you haven't seen the maker, but we know the maker exists - the proof is the universe we can see.
You: And we have a conscience - and as the maker made us, the conscience came from the Maker... so God cares about right and wrong.
You: Do you agree with me that people get away with murder in this life sometimes?
Stranger: yes
You: So, logically, there must be an afterlife - with a hell.
You: And a heaven too - a place where God is.
You: But we have a problem.
You: We have done bad too...
You: ever lied?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: everyone has lol
Stranger: hey i have a question,
Stranger: what if im bi
You: Great question.
You: Who makes the rules of the universe?
Stranger: god?
You: Right.
You: Now, Jesus said, if you just look at someone to lust for them, it's like committing adultery with them in your heart.
You: God's standard for sex is perfect purity. And we all fail.
You: But sex is a good thing, within the bounds of marriage, between a man and a women. That's the way the rule maker made the rules.
You: So if you believe Jesus made you, and saved you when he died on the cross - you will want to honour him by obeying his rules... BUT.... it's not keeping the rules that saves you.... it's a gift Jesus paid on your behalf... you accept it by trusting (or believing)
You: What ya thinking? :)
Stranger: so i get to go to heaven?
You: If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins.
You: If you were in a burning building...
You: and a fireman came and rescued you...
You: how would you feel towards the fireman?
Stranger: i would love them
You: right, would you turn and punch them in the face?
You: of course you wouldn't. :)
You: It's the same with Jesus. He will change our heart and mind, when we trust that he died for us. We will have new desires. We will want to obey the one we love: Jesus.
Stranger: oooohh okayy
You: There is a bi person, and they trust that Jesus died on the cross for them... then...
You: 5 minutes later, they sin again...
You: Then they die, would it be heaven or hell?
Stranger: heaven
You: Right, why?
Stranger: because jesus died on the cross and got crucified for us
Stranger: to pay for our sins
You: Exactly.
You: But the bi person won't want to sin any more, because they love the one that made them and saved them. :)
Stranger: yes
You: Has this chat helped you? Do you have other questions?
Stranger: nope'
Stranger: im 100% sure im going to heaven now
Stranger: ty lol
You: Praise God :)
You: Do you have a Bible?
You: "ESV Bible" in the app store, or at
You: it's free
You: start in John - in the second half of the Bible
You: to find a good church in your area:
Stranger: okay
You: Thanks for the chat. :)
You: My name is Glen, I'm from New Zealand
You: If you have questions: insta: needGod.net7
Stranger: okay
Stranger: thanks glen have a nice rest of your day or night
Stranger: bye
Stranger has disconnected.

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