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Wednesday 7 April 2021

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Well, I’m back to a normal schedule now.  By the grace of God, we have made it through a busy six weeks of special outreaches: Whangarei mission (which included lock down shenanigans, and tsunami alerts!), Christchurch mission, Dunedin mission, Malvern & Oxford A&P shows, and the Easter Monday hot cross bun + gospel tract outreach.  All glory to God for anything good that came from the effort!  I’m looking forward to moving into the winter season of outreach.

On Tuesday I was online with the team before heading to Riccarton in the late afternoon with Roger.  As we prayed together I was thinking of how useless our effort is: two old guys, standing on the street corner, looking like fools.  I prayed that God would use our effort for his glory.  Well, we both had a fantastic couple of hours talking to people about the gospel - God answered my prayer!

Two highlight conversations.

The first started when two ladies walked past.  I was offering tracts.  The one closest to me ignored me, but to her surprise the one furthest from me cut behind her friend so she could come over to take the tract.  She really wanted to talk.  Her friend seemed surprised, but came over too - she didn’t want to interact, so I focused on the one that wanted to talk.  It was a quick chat, maybe five minutes, but in that time, she went from thinking her good deeds would get her to heaven, to articulating that it is only trust in Jesus' sacrifice that would get her to heaven.  She had a Christian background, and was in a period of life where she was thinking about these things deeply.  She said she needed to think about it more - which is fine - but I communicated the urgency in responding.  She had the tract, and I pointed her to the one minute videos on Tik Tok:

The second highlight was with a guy called Glen!  This was a fascinating chat because he was claiming to be a Christian, yet was indicating that he thought his good deeds would save him.  I took him through the law (starting with not lying), and then shared the gospel.  But when I moved into checking questions, it was clear that he wasn’t understanding.  Having remembered what I said about lying, he responded with “tell the truth” as the reason why he would get to heaven!  I laboured with him, and it started to sink in, but it was clear he was adding works to Jesus' sacrifice for salvation - not good.  By the end of the conversation, he seemed pretty stunned as he came to grasp the gospel: a free gift (grace alone) paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus alone, and accepted by faith alone.  I was then able to touch on the correct place of good work in the life of a believer.  He seemed very appreciative of the chat.  I know which local church he is a part of.  May this be a turning point for him!

Today I also spent some time online.  My memory of the two days of online work is mainly difficult, but good chats.

I’m also in email contact with the resistant guy I talked to at the Oxford A&P show.  It’s going slow but well.  I’m praying for God’s help in this conversation.  All glory to him!

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