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Saturday 13 September 2008

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God is extra gracious to us sometimes and gives us a taste of what He is doing in the lives of those we witness to. I am confident that much of the time He is doing far more than we could imagine, let alone what we see and hear. This week we had many encouragements and blessings as we proclaimed the gospel in Sheffield.

Anna and I went into town and there met up with Beck and Sucraj from Wycliffe our church in Sheffield. We shared in prayer together before beginning and while we were praying that God would move the hearts of people Mekial arrived to talk. We finished praying and while Beck and Anna went to handing out tracts I spoke to Mekial.

Mekial and I talked primarily about how he was spiritually and it seems he had hit on something that makes sense to him. He has been watching Way of The Master on television and was particularly inspired by Ray Comfort's message "Hell's Best Kept Secret". This has fired his enthusiasm for the things of God and he is reading the bible again and praying. With these two good things in place I urged him to not neglect going to church and he promised me he would come on sunday (and he did). We are glad to see that God has not left this young man alone but rather is still chasing him down. I often think of the poem "The Hound of Heaven" when I think on Mekial's life, we're cheering on the hound!

We handed out tracts for a period and many people taking tracts though not many wanting to interupt their shopping with thoughts of eternity. As there was a rap group that had taken over our normal position in front of Marks and Spencers I set up to preach further up Fargate. I began with the fancy that I had as a child, to be an astronaught and free of gravity. If the human body remains in space for too long though it becomes weak and that person will eventually die. Likewise I pointed to the freedom that most people want from moral obligation and the desire to do it their own way. The parallel is frighteningly close, free of moral law people become progressively weaker in conscience until it finally dies. The major difference is that the sinful life and evil deeds of those free from moral law end not in a physical death but rather in an eternal death in the punishment of hell.

During this some young people stopped to listen and I engaged them on the point of morals and asked if they were good or bad. Laura was happy to have her goodness tested and she and her friends listened as I spoke to them about the law of God and the gospel. Despite protesting briefly that God would forgive her sin anyway, Laura saw that justice must be done and that someone would have to pay the price. We spoke about the great news of Jesus' work on behalf of sinners, afterwards she and her friends took tracts and three of them bibles also.

Shortly after this exchange Melissa stopped and we spoke along similar lines. She had begun to reform her life and wanted to be right with God on those terms, hoping the change of lifestyle would be enough to please Him. I urged her to not reform only but to also to cling to Christ Jesus as her only hope and for that reason reform her ways. I urged her also to pray, read God's word and also find a good biblical church to attend. She also took a bible and a tract and left smiling and thanking us for speaking with her.

Afterwards I noticed that Sucraj was mid conversation with a young man, they had spoken throughout the preaching and he was open to the gospel. They exchanged details and hopefully there will be further fruit as Sucraj continues to keep up with him.

We handed out tracts for a short period longer and then gathered to give glory to God for the many glorious things we had seen Him doing today.

Praise His Name and Soli Deo Gloria!

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