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Wednesday 26 May 2021

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March was a very busy month of ministry, and so in May, I’ve finally had a chance to get away and have a family holiday - which was great.

This week is my first week back.  On Tuesday I was online with the team, before heading to Riccarton.

My very first chat back was wonderful.  It was with a guy from Romania.  He seemed deeply impacted as I took him through the law.  But then (or maybe because of this) he grasped the gospel very quickly.  It turned into a long chat, over thirty minutes.  So good to be back into it!

I ended up having nine decent chats online on Tuesday.  The last one was also a stand out, because it went really deep.  It was with a teen guy in Texas, who ended up opening up.  He asked many wonderful questions.  Interestingly, his focus was on happiness, but it was clear he struggled with depression and even had suicidal thoughts at times.  But sadly, all his questions meant I didn’t really have a chance to get to the gospel, and then he had to go suddenly.  I was barely able to mention before he disconnected.  Yet, I feel like we covered good ground with questions answered and assumptions challenged.  As always, I leave him in the hands of God, may he have another opportunity to really hear and understand the gospel - maybe from you?

It was also great to be back on the streets of Christchurch.  We are now heading into winter here, and so it’s getting dark a lot earlier.  So the Riccarton outreach ended up turning into an evening outreach!

It was a busy outreach.  I started with a few brief chats - one of which was a follow up.

But then I got into a wonderful long chat with three teen guys.  It was a fun conversation, with a very serious edge.  I hope they were challenged!

The highlight conversation was the last one.  It was with a lady who seemed to be searching.  She talked a lot, which is fine with me.  I soon learned that someone had invited her to a church, but it was very strange to learn that she had to pay to attend?!  My first thought was the cult: World Mission Society Church of God.  Sadly, my guess was correct!  Andy and I are encountering more and more people with connections to this group.  (To find out more, check this out.)

Anyway, I was able to slowly explain the gospel of God’s grace found in [the true] Jesus.  She took two tracts, one for herself, and one for the girl trying to get her involved with the WMSCoG.  She was pointed to the Bible, and was given contact details from the local church I’m a part of - which so happens to be in her area.  God willing, I will see her again.

On Wednesday I was online with the team again.  Again, my first chat was amazing.  The guy came to the brink of saying he now believed that Jesus had died on the cross for his sins, and yet I was forcing him to consider the cost of such a decision.  The chat went for nearly thirty minutes.  What a great start to the day.  I took a five minute breather, before getting into my second chat of the day.  Next thing I hear is “Whoa, we meet again”.  I pulled down the shield and was stunned to see that I had connected to the guy I was last talking to!  He said, “it’s God’s will”.  Out of 45,000 people, I reconnected with the same guy.  Reconnects happen very rarely - this one gave me goosebumps.  Very, very providential, it reminded me of the book of Acts.  I instantly challenged him on where he stood with God.  I warned him that he may not have another chance to respond to the gospel!  We chatted for another five minutes before we parted ways for the final time.

Of the ten chats I had, the other I’ll mention is one I was having with two girls.  Near the end, the mother came into their room.  One of the girls turned to her and said, “he is teaching us about God”.  She came up and looked at me, then she smiled and gave me a thumbs up (pictured), then left the room!  The gospel conversation with the girls kept rolling like nothing happened.  Praise God!


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