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Friday 17 October 2008

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This Friday Patrisha, Florence, Jim, and Sucraj joined me in the center of town to reach out to the lost of Sheffield. Our new found spot is in front of the town hall next to the war memorial, which forms our preaching post.

We began the night with appeals to the Lord to save people and work through us. From this we walked up to the square (Barker's Pool as it is called) and began to hand out tracts to the passing people. Shortly after arriving we noticed a group of youthes standing nearby and went to engage them.

As it turned out they were more than happy to talk and though they were definitely not receptive to the gospel they were willing to talk and a lively debate followed. Jim and Sucraj both spoke with some of the other youth there while I spoke with Dan, Emily, Flan and a couple of others. We discussed various things including why I believe in God and why they do not and some of the evidence for God. Though they were not convinced they took tracts and went their way after we had a good chat.

Shortly following this a couple of men stopped after coming from one of the local pubs. One of them was quite willing to talk and was interested in discussing the gospel, the second however was hell-bent on disrupting the conversation. The second man was a Muslim and very drunk, it was quite difficult to take him seriously in the state he was in given Islam condemns drunkenness (indeed all alcohol consumption). The first man was engaged by Jim while I tried to reason with the drunk "Muslim", a positive spin off of this was a good conversation with Saltah. Saltah was another Muslim who stopped to listen to the conversation and then spoke with me about Islam and Christianity for some time. I gave Saltah some apologetics on the Qur'an and Muhammad and asked him to think on it. He left with a track and said he would consider what I had said.

After this I set up to preach and noticed at that point just how cold it was getting. I preached on the certain death that we all must face and the equal certainty that one day we all will be called from our graves to give an account to Jesus Christ. During this Chris was standing listening so I called him out and we went through the good person test. Chris was very open and listened closely to every word and stayed after we finished talking to hear the rest of what I was preaching. A couple of other people were nearby and so I called out to all in ear shot to urge them to consider their consciences and see that they too needed a saviour.

Afterwards Chris and I spoke while Jim spoke with a couple who had stopped to talk. Chris as I said was very open and we spoke for quite some time, especially on the topic of good works and what roll they have in the Christian life and being right with God. Many people get the cart before the horses on this issue, thinking that to be right with God they need to meet a standard first. The truth is that works are given to Christians to glorify the God who has saved them and not to get them right with Him. It is by grace through repentant faith that we are saved and that in Jesus' work. After speaking of many other things also Chris took a bible and then shook my hand thanking me for sharing the gospel with him.

Shortly after this a whole lot of theatre goers came out of town hall as we were preparing to leave, so we tracted the crowd and headed away home for the night. We rejoice to see one heart beginning to open to the gospel and pray that God's Spirit would work mightily to save Chris and indeed all those who heard this night.

Praise God!

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