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Sunday 26 October 2008

Posted by Posted 31 October 2008, 11:24 PM by Dave Strachan & Josh Mitchell. Permalink

Soon after the sermon at my church came to a close at around midday, Mickey, Yu and I got into Josh Mitchell's car and were on our way. Mickey and Yu are from South Korea and Japan and I invited them along to join us. We met up with Ryan at Beenleigh and got into his slightly more spacious car and traveled down to Surfer's Paradise together.

Today the Indy (car racing) was on again so there were quite a few more people around than normal. Josh, Ryan and I had been to the Indy for evangelism outreach on Friday night as well. Ryan found a park a fair hike away, but it saved us looking for a park. As we walked to our preaching spot, we handed out gospel tracts. We handed out a lot of them walking down Caville ave (the main mall at Surfers). When we arrived at our spot (at the Caville ave beachfront), the racing cars were fairly loud so we had to delay preaching for a while. This gave us time to hand out more gospel tracts and talk with those around us.

When the car racing had stopped, I set up my Camera and tripod and Ryan began to preach.

He preached about death, how we all will die, and that the bible says after death comes judgment. God will judge everyone for all the good and bad things they have done in their life. God has standards which he has given us in the ten commandments. We have failed to keep them. God is just and must punish our sin. Even though God is just, God desires to show mercy. Jesus died on the cross for our sin. We must do two things: (1) trust in Jesus (we're not going to get to heaven because we go to church or do good things or because we are a good person) (2) Repent of our sin (turn from our lifestyle of sinning).

This was the basic pattern which Ryan preached on for about the next half an hour of his preaching. This half hour or so was full of interesting events...

First some funny guys with beer came over and took on their (newly self-appointed) roles as commentators, making commentary out loud as Ryan preached. As Ryan did the good person test with them, they were doing their best to turn it all into a comedy. As Ryan warned them of the wrath to come, they were shouting out ‘ossie ossie ossie!'.

Some guys began throwing money at Ryan. Despite Ryan repeatedly saying ‘I do not want you're money', coins kept flying through the air.

These guys reached a crescendo of shouts, including: ‘Where is God?', ‘We're all going to die!' and ‘Go Kevin Rudd !'

Ryan kept warning them of judgment saying ‘There's nothing more important than eternal salvation'.

One guy ‘stole' Ryan's bag from behind him but Josh Mitchell soon went over and got it back off him.

As Ryan preached on hard about the things of God, they mocked. Ryan warned them that there will be a day when God will not be mocked anymore.

Some other guys started asking a whole heap of questions. One guy was asking if there was fornication in hell.

A little later, two guys armed with beer cans, stood in front of Ryan and began to mimic his preaching.

At one staged a whole bunch of guys and gals rushed over to Ryan and it looked like he was about to be ambushed. But they were simply posing for a Group photograph. Ryan kept preaching.

Some guys attempted to cross-tie Ryan's shoe laces together. Ryan did well to move about swiftly and avoid their attempts which soon ended as Josh M sat in front of Ryan while he kept preaching.

Shortly after, a man came and asked Ryan why he was up preaching. Ryan responded by saying ‘I am here to warn you of the judgment to come'.

Ryan finally stepped down and we handed out a heap of gospel tracts and shared the gospel with people around us.

As we returned to the car, we handed out more gospel tracts.

When we returned to the car Josh Mitchell treated us to some chicken sandwiches and bun loaf.

We pray that God's word will take root in good soil as it was sown today. May those who heard the gospel receive it and bear fruit. (Mark 4).


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