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Friday 24 October 2008

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On Friday evening we were blessed with a great turn out. Andrew brought his friend Steve and we also had Adam join us for a second time. That meant that with Philip, Carl, my brother and I, there were seven of us in total. Praise God.

  We all arrived a little earlier and this was because I felt it would be good to have some fellowship before we start the ministry. Often we arrive and get talking amongst ourselves and before you know it a considerable amount of time has passed. Our window of opportunity is short and so we must redeem the time! We met at the Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse and munched on some hot chips as we had a time of devotions together. It was great.

Carl’s voice was not a hundred percent so I stood up to preach first. We had in mind to tag when half and hour had passed, but only if the open-air preacher did not have a significant crowd. It would not be helpful to tag should that affect the continuity of the message being preached. After standing up to preach a crowd began to form fairly quickly. We were once again standing on the other side of the railing as there was again no space for us to set up on that side. Although I am not keen on this I am grateful to the Lord that we are still able to preach at Leicester Square. Long may it continue!

During my preach I did have a number of people heckle me, although no one became as aggressive as in recent   weeks. Quite a few people tried to distract me and cause me to stop, but praise God, no one forcibly attempted to do so. As time progressed I had fewer and fewer people heckle me from the crowd, although a good number of people were transfixed by the message. My heart really went out to them and I implored with them and pleaded with them to flee from the wrath that is to come.

After I finished preaching I was approached by a gentleman who was visibly moved. He thanked me for my message and we ended up having a great chat together. He has asked that I do not provide any details for private reasons. I cannot provide his name, however God knows his name and so I would ask that you hold him up in prayer. He mentioned that he would try to make the time to visit Leicester Square to hear me preach again. We exchanged contact details and so I hope we can stay in touch.

Moving on I noticed that the rest of the team were engaged in some great one-to-one conversations. Seeing that I was free Steve motioned for me to come and help him; he was talking with a friend of his from university, who happens to be a Muslim. I talked with him of the justice of God and the love of God. The Bible shows us that God fully satisfies both His justice and His love (Romans 3:21-26). Islam fails on both. This is the key difference between the two faiths. I also spoke to him of the contradictions of the Qu’ran, most notably the references it makes of the Bible. It mentions that God sent the gospel through the preaching of Jesus Christ (Sura 3:3; 5:46). The onus is therefore on every good Muslim to study to find out what this “gospel” is. I told Steve’s friend that he will discover that the gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ is the answer to the world’s greatest dilemma: sin. This is where the Qu’ran and the Bible clash, and since the Bible came before the Qu’ran, it is clear that it is the Bible that is true and the Qu’ran that is false. He tried to argue against this, however his arguments did not address the issue and it was clear that he was well and truly stumped. It is never about winning an argument just for the sake of winning an argument. In our case we are blessed in that we can win the argument, simply because the Bible is the truth and the Qu’ran is not. Muslims have been heavily indoctrinated to the degree that they very often do not listen to reason. I have found it best to labour to show them how their own faith contradicts itself, so that they can then begin to question what is true and what is not.

It was a fruitful evening and much seed was sown.

Saturday morning came around and we were back at Tooting Broadway. Philip and I were joined by Carl and my brother also joined us a little later. I asked Carl if he would preach first as my voice was a little strained from the night before. He preached well and a number of people stopped to listen. We were able to have some good conversations with a fair amount of people. At one point a group of young teenagers were standing by themselves and so I approached them and gave them each a million pound note. As I was talking with them a man standing nearby interjected quite aggressively and made the claim that I would be harming young minds by brainwashing them with religion. He touted that evolution was the answer and that there is no God at all. It was all I could do to restrain myself. The nerve of the argument! I made a clear defence for God’s existence and also spoke of the utter failings of evolution to provide answers that have any hope of satisfying the issues facing our world. Evolution removes hope, it removes meaning, it removes morality and ethics, and it does not and cannot explain why we are here or where we are going. It is fatalistic and morally inept.

After a short while he moved on. My young teenage friends, however, chose to stay. I opened up the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and urged them to turn to the only Saviour this world can know. They were struck by the message and    I praise the Lord that He kept them from being robbed of hearing the gospel. I told them that my church was not far away and that we have a number of people their age who attend. I gave them my contact details, as well as the details of my church and encouraged them to come and visit. Do pray that the Lord would bring them to a saving knowledge of the truth.

It was a wonderful weekend of ministry. Please pray for all those who heard the gospel. The harvest truly is plentiful!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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