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Thursday 24 November 2022

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Operation 513 Special Outreach during Schoolie from 19-25/11 daily from 1500-1700, 1900 - 2200. Day 6 afternoon

It was good that the Schoolie ministry this year has afternoon section daily from 1500-1700. It allowed Hung and Winnie to join after our normal Thursday outreach at Australia Fair from 1300-1430. I drove to the nearby side street to find my parking but had to walk for 10 minutes to Cavill Ave to meet with the rest of the Team. Winnie got there earlier than me by tram and had met Ryan and started her outreach. I first met all the brothers in Christ we once served either locally or in Myanmer to greet each other in Christ for mutual encouragement. I stayed there for about 1 and a half hour with only three chats. One only was with the schoolie a young girl. the other two however were God led person for me to have two relatively long chats especially the last one as recap below:

1) Sam is an Indian waiting there for his shift to start at a local pub as the security guard. His usual shift started later in the evening, but because of Schoolie, he started earlier at 4pm. I had a long chat almost half an hour with him. Through his work, he could observe the human character though good in normal situation but would turn bad losing self-control when got drunken. So, I did not have to convince him that no person is perfect in this fallen world though in normal situation, most of us are considered a good person/. So basically, he had no argument on the point that we all need redemption by a saviour who himself is a perfect person and meantime a perfect divinity god head. He took a tract and promised to ponder is there any reason to hold him back from receiving the free gift of eternal life made ready and on offer to us all.

2) Then I caught up with a girl waiting for friend called Mayfest. She was nice and open for a chat. She heard the full gospel then was disrupted by her friend's call, Though I did not have chance to seek her feedback. I trust the Holy Spirit will have His work on Mayfest.

3) Then I had a long chat with Junior a Kiwi lasting almost for an hour. He is a street artist and consider leading a successful life. His sister is a pious Christian preaching the gospel to people like what we are doing. But he thought his sister’s choice is a suboptimal one in comparison to his much well-off life. He deemed that being a good person taking charge of his own life is enough. He does not care about life after death and think religion is futile and irrelevant to a down to the earth normal human life. But after I shared about the good person analogy, he came to the understanding that imperfection in life actually is a serious short fall of human as it is regarded as cancer of a human life in God eyes that must be subject to judgment after death. No matter how many good deeds we have done, it can never ever be sufficient to offset out sin. Accepting Jesus to take away our sin is like changing our eternal identity from enemy of God back to His children and people or the citizen of the heavenly Kingdom. It gave God the foothold to start His life transformation work to restore us back to perfection. But most importantly from a self-centred life back to a God centred life. It will lead to change in life vision and faith awareness leading the change in our value system. So eventually salvation means we will be first be set free from the bondage of sin but then the bondage of our self-ego or temptation in flesh so finally we will achieve real freedom in Christ because we now know and master the truth and wisdom from God. At the end, he appeared having a better understanding why his sister and all other Christian will live a true joyous life and have greater inner peace to face trauma in life and will grow better and stronger in His strength. Praise and thanks God for this exceptionally long chat that I rarely have in my bus stop outreach occasions.


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