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Friday 7 November 2008

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Last Friday the team was back to sharing the gospel up at Leicester Square. Unfortunately I was unable to join them for the evening, which was a real shame. Faithful Carl took charge of the team and was joined by my brother James and Wesley, who had joined us for the first time the week before.

The evening was spent handing out tracts and talking with people one-to-one. Carl also had the opportunity to preach twice and both times drew in a crowd who listened intently as he shared with them the gospel.

I am especially pleased that Wesley came along for the second time. Street evangelism is fairly new to him but there’s no quicker way to learn than to get stuck in. We have a great team now and although some of us cannot make it every Friday, the important thing is that we aiming to have a continued presence in Leicester Square every Friday night.

On Saturday morning I headed to Tooting Broadway to meet up with Carl. On the way there a friend from church (also named Carl) rang and said he would come along to join us. It was a great encouragement. Once we arrived another friend from my church, Chin Cong, stopped to join us, since he had seen us as he had been passing by. I asked Carl if he would like to preach, however he insisted I should preach since he had preached the night before. Within minutes of standing up the heavens opened and down came the rain. Seeing that I was preaching the gospel with the rain pouring down a very kind lady (who I am convinced must be a Christian) came and stood next to me with a large umbrella to shield me from the rain. It really was most kind of her. Unfortunately we never got the time to chat as she left as soon as I stepped down. I thanked her for kindness as we said goodbye.

While it was raining we stood at the entrance to the tube station and handed out tracts to those who passed. We also had the opportunity to speak with a few people as well. After the rain eased up I decided to take the opportunity to preach once more. But alas, after a few minutes of preaching, down came the rain again. I preached a much shorter message this time but stressed to those who could hear the importance of surrendering our lives to Christ. I did not see it as a waste of time, as I know that there were people who would have heard the gospel that very wet and rainy afternoon.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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