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Friday 10 March 2023

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The team have returned from the Philippines Mission with a skip in their step. It was such a joy getting alongside local believers in the Philippines to share the gospel and see the lost come to grasp the good news.

The people we witnessed to were very open to having spiritual conversations (particularly compared to back home). And since we focused our efforts at the universities, the people generally spoke English well.

There is a wide-door of effective ministry in the Philippines, with Christians needed to be sowing the seed there, as most people are relying on their own 'goodness' to get themselves to heaven.

We have even received messages on Instagram from people thanking us for the sharing the gospel with them and they said they want to learn more.

Lord willing, we plan on returning for another mission trip in around September 2023.

Here are short video summaries of each day during our mission trip to the Philippines. Be encouraged at what God is doing and consider coming on a future trip!

Can you join us next time? :)

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