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Sunday 27 January 2008

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“Original sin, therefore, appears to be a hereditary, depravity and corruption of our nature, diffused through all the parts of the soul, rendering us obnoxious to the divine wrath and producing in us those works which the scripture calls 'works of” " - John Calvin

What a wonderful night of evangelism. People from all over the world, from Israel, Turkey, England, Australia, Canada etc took part in listening or dialoging with our Operation 513 staff. Glory to God.

Bryan had a misunderstanding of God, sin and why the human race is in the terrible predicament it is in, we searched through the gold mine of the book of Genesis, and uncovered the truths that answered his questions. May God save his soul.

Rose, from Saudi Arabia gained a fear of God's judgment. Please pray for her, since to trust Christ to the exclusion of sin and Islam will mean serious repercussions to her life as she knows it.

Chuck was a hardened athiest, and resisted the arguments given to him. But we trust the word of God is like a hammer it breaketh the rock in pieces, as and when and if God is pleased to do so.

Lots of conversations were had with Dan Kent chatting privately to those involved in the skypecast, we thank God for his efforts there, for the glory of God's name.

It looks like we had about two hundred listeners or thereabouts, and we also had quite a few ppl come back, through our private thankyou messages, that we send (with a gospel tract link in thier tongue) out after most broadcasts!

Keep praying for people ou there, this is a very useful means of proclaiming the gospel! Please also pray for the staff. It took until 3AM to finish witnessing to people, and sending gospel tracts to every person on the list, it's very wearying and likely to interfere with the following days work!

May the Lamb that was slain, receive the reward of His suffering!