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Tuesday 24 October 2023

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Having a fantastic time in Wellington with Craig Godfrey and the team from Calvary Wellington Church.  I flew up on Saturday, and I had the opportunity to speak to Calvary Wellington on Sunday morning on the “Wisdom of Winning Souls” (Exodus 4:12-15).


On Monday (Labour Day, a public holiday) I ran my “Tell Me” training sessions in the morning to a group of 26, made up mostly of people from Calvary Wellington.  That’s the largest group I’ve had do the training, so that was really encouraging.


In the afternoon we went down to Petone Beach for the optional street outreach part of the training.  There were about 12 of us.  One of the things I struggle with in regards to this training outreach is balancing newbies with those that have more experience.  You just have to trust God with it!  I was praying for opportunities for me to get into a gospel conversation while a group from the training could listen in and see what they had been learning put into practice.  Well, while we were gathering, an elderly couple came past, and sat on the wall right next to us.  Here was my opportunity!  I gently sparked up a conversation, and when the opportunity was right (but not waiting too long), I swung the conversation to spiritual things.  It turned into a wonderful opportunity for those in the team that were already there to listen in!  The elderly lady had had a Christian background, but had rejected it when she was young.  Interestingly, it was apparent that she had never really understood what Christianity, and she was challenged to reconsider.  The both gladly accepted gospel tracts as they moved on.


Just after I finished that conversation, a guy on a bike went past, and Craig was able to get into a great gospel conversation for the team to listen to.  2 in a row!  Thank you Lord.


After this, we did our best to split the group up into pairs and step out in faith in starting gospel chats!  I was trying my best to rotate pairs around.  Many were keen just to observe at this stage, and that was fine!


For the rest of the outreach I had many gospel opportunities, the first went really well!  It was with 3 girls (and I had 2 others from our team with me).  It was a fairly text box chat, demonstrating what I had been teaching in the morning.  After that, the chats varied.  Some were with people that are open, some with people who were resistant.  And some were even awkward, as I made an effort to make gospel engagement for those I was paired with.  Yet, no chat is in vain, and many gospel tracts were also distributed.


At the end of the outreach, we debriefed and prayed.  What a great day!


On Tuesday (today), Craig and I headed up to the Upper Hutt Main Street for a day of outreach.  Jarryd, one of the pastors of Calvary Wellington, joined us for a couple of hours in the morning.  And Karen joined us briefly too.


The streets weren’t packed, but there were enough people to keep our small team busy for the day.  I had many wonderful conversations: some resistant, some open, and everything in between, here are just a few of the highlights:


Two guys heading to the gym.  I chatted with Nate, an unbeliever, while Jarryd chatted with John, a professing believer.  Nate followed along with the presentation and became mildly resistant, but he kept asking questions which I was able to address.  He heard the law and the gospel.  A good chat.


A Bhuddist, who denied God was real and articulated reincarnation in a way that was faithful to what Buddhism actually teaches.  So I knew he wasn’t nominal in his faith.  So I asked him, “who makes the rules for right and wrong?”  It stumped him.  I laboured with the building / builder analogy for about 10 minutes, when he suddenly conceded: “Yeah, it makes sense”.  He then opened up to hear the law and the gospel, and walked off reading a tract.


An Atheist!  I spent about 15 minutes labouring with the cosmological argument and other logic.  Although he was friendly, he was really resistant.  I knew I wasn’t going to make any progress, so I shut down that chat, and we moved on with a handshake - he refused a tract.  That was just before lunch.  Amazingly, as Craig and I were having lunch in Subway, he came in and sat just across from me - we acknowledged each other.  And then later in the afternoon, he was coming up the street again and we got into another chat.  This time it was different.  He wanted to talk about work (we both have backgrounds in IT) and I went with that for a while.  He was different, he seemed open.  And so I was able to swing the conversation back to spiritual things, and, glory to God, I was able to take him through the law and the gospel (although it was brief).  This time, as we parted ways, he took a tract!  I was encouraged.


I had a difficult chat with two young ladies.  They were nice, but very resistant.  One of them in particular was very angry that God would allow innocent children to suffer.  I knew if I pushed, then it would go “nuclear”.  They made statements that were direct contradictions and couldn’t see it, so blinded by their emotion.  I think I started that chat with tracts, and so at least they left with those.


I could write more, but I’m out of time.  I praise God, and thank him for his help in the first half of this week in Wellington.  All glory to him!  Please keep us in prayer as we continue this week of outreach.

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