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Sunday 24 December 2023

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I made it to 3 out of 4 street outreaches this week!  Although the 3rd one was a bit different from usual.

So, Roger was with me in Riccarton Tuesday afternoon, and in the city on Friday afternoon.  Then, on Saturday afternoon, I was invited by Toby, of Student Life to join his church in a door knock outreach with his church.

For the Tuesday afternoon outreach, I decided to ditch the flip chart and focus on handing out tracts (mostly Christmas ones).  I walked up and down the streets doing just that!  Roger stuck to his usual routine and had some marvellous chats.  Pictured is one he had with two young guys from a local Catholic High School.  Roger was rejoicing at their openness.  God is good.

Again, on Friday, I focused on giving out Christmas tracts.  But I was also able to have many interesting conversations.  I gave away 100 tracts through the 2 hour outreach.

Now, the door knock outreach.  I was very encouraged by how this worked out.  I was encouraged by the emotion of the local pastor encouraging the team, of mainly youth, in what they were about to do.  I was encouraged by Toby’s organisation of the outreach.  I was encouraged by the local churches willingness to reach out to their neighbours, in spite of nerves.

We paired up and prayed up, and then hit the streets.  We were each allotted houses to knock at.  At the door, we introduced ourselves, handed out a little Christmas gift pack, on behalf of the church, and then asked if we could do a short survey.  The main goal wasn’t an instant gospel conversation, but to open the door for future gospel conversations.  They were invited to a Christmas Carol service in the evening, and the opportunity to join a Christianity Explored program run by the church.

My partner and I covered about 25 houses.  It was fascinating getting a feel for those in the local community.  Some were a bit lonely, mourning the fact that people in the neighbourhood didn’t know each other.  Some were busy (on the phone).  Some were simply not interested.  Yet, many were willing to chat, and do the survey.

I was encouraged.  And I hope the others involved were too!  I wasn’t able to stay for the debrief.  The more we do this, the easier it gets for the next time.  May the evangelistic heart of the local church rise up and reach out with the good news of Christ!

The rest of my week has been spent in online ministry.  I had a number of great face to face chats on the live stream - esp. on Thursday.  And I’m still ploughing through the never ending harvest field of TikTok direct messages.

Thank you for your prayers.  Merry Christmas!

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