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Sunday 25 February 2024

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Wow, what a week.  This report is not going to do it justice.  Neither are the photos - when I was in Dunedin, I didn’t even have the focus to take too many photos, I was just having so many wonderful gospel conversations.


But yes, we were in Dunedin for the week, and then in Kaikoura on Saturday.  So a busy week, with the additional burden of travel.  But, well, well worth it.  Glory to God!


So, I ran some evangelism training, down in Dunedin, last Sunday, and so this week we were putting it into practice outside the University (it was orientation week), down at the Octagon, and in between (the bus stops were a great fishing hole too)!  All this in conjunction with Cornerstone International Bible Church, which is strategically positioned between these two locations.


So, like I said, I’m not going to be able to articulate all the wonderful chats I had, let alone the wonderful opportunities my coworkers told me about.  But here is what comes to mind.


Down at the Octagon I remember talking to a French tourist, a Czech tourist (closed), German tourists, a tourist from Canada, and a couple that were Dutch.  I shared with a couple of Americans - one was Jewish.  He became intensely angry when we started discussing how we know what is right and wrong in relation to Hitler.  I was quick to defuse the situation by making it clear I agreed that Hitler was evil, and he quickly rained himself in (he had lost a cousin in the holocaust), but then he quickly told me not to try to convert him!  When I challenged him to convert me, it was fascinating watching him make up a religion, and he decided it was ‘love’.  Well, that damns me, because I fail to love as I should.  He could see my point.  He was flustered, because he wanted to insist I was good, but I just kept showing him how I was bad.  I was able to touch on the gospel with him, but it came to an end when he nearly missed his bus back to the cruise ship he was on.


I had a long chat with a Christian Minister who was clearly missing the gospel.  Each time I checked, he would subtly point to himself for salvation.  He liked to talk, so I had to listen a lot, but I challenged him, because I love him.


A young lady had a click moment, when she finally grasped the gospel, after that, she nailed the check questions.  Later, she reflected, “why did you stop me?”.  That’s how I feel too!  Why me?  I don’t deserve it.  God’s grace is so good.


During one outreach, I saw Roger deeply impacted after 2 separate conversations.  In the first conversation he looked stunned. The young lady had come to tears as he ministered to her.  In the second, after talking with 3 young students,  he literally clicked his heels in joy!


I had great conversations with 2 separate sets of JWs.


A highlight chat for Andy was one when a young Iranian lady came who had to go to a lecture, but then came back!  She was full of questions as she wrestled with the truths she was hearing.


Many invites to church were handed out.  Many copies of the gospel of John, and gospel tracts were delivered to people.  What a joy!


But we were also focused on training.  Young Daniel was with us for the week.  It was wonderful watching him grow as he put into practice what he was learning on Sunday.  At the end of each day, we would have a time of debrief - an opportunity to rejoice and learn from each other's experiences.


It was wonderful to also work alongside: John, Gary, Jeff, Phil and Shane.  We had our differences, but iron sharpens iron!  And it was wonderful being able to catch up with the elders of Cornerstone - we so appreciated the support!


We travelled home on Friday afternoon, after a couple of hours of outreach in the morning.


On Saturday, I headed to Kaikoura for the A&P Show there.  Team: Joe, Elijah, Nic, Cam, Andrei, & Scott and Sharon down from Blenhiem.  Great weather.  And a wonderful view.  There were slow periods, but there were busy periods too.  Lots of great conversations.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but the highlight chat for me was with a young lad, I’d say he was 10 years old.  He was sharper than most adults I talk to.  Like an adult, he initially resisted the idea that he was bad, trying to justify himself, yet he was humble enough to follow along and hear the gospel.  He ended up sitting down on the grass, as I sat on my stool and we engaged.  Eventually he looked up at the chart and wanted to know what the other pages were about.  And so I was able to take him through all the check questions.  He nailed most of them!  And the one he got wrong only led to his understanding deepening as we discussed.  He accepted the gospel of John to read.  I rejoice thinking of the chat.  May God have mercy and save him.


All glory to God for using weak vessels like us in his great plan.  Thank you for continuing to pray for this ministry.  Join us in sharing about Jesus with those about you!


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