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Thursday 22 January 2009

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Praise God for opportunities to speak with people and share the great news of sin forgiven and hell passed over for all of those who trust in Jesus Christ. Jim, Sucraj, Karl and I gathered in barkers pool for just that reason this week. We began with prayer and pleaded that God would break the hardened hearts of the people and bring them to faith in Jesus.

There is a fair amount of foot traffic through barkers pool of a Friday night but it comes in fits and starts. This means that we are often giving out large numbers of tracts all at one time and it would be great to have more hands as the crowd of people come through. This night however appeared to be all about conversations because just as one would stop another opportunity would pop up. Every member of the team had one good conversation through the night and it was encouraging to hear people getting the gospel again and again.

At the start of the night I had a good chat to a local security guard and his mate. They took tracts from me as they wandered through the square and the younger of the two wanted to know what it was about. He had obviously had some Christian upbringing and so we were able to discuss the common misconception that if someone is "good" and moral then God will be pleased with them. We talked for a period about the seriousness of sin and the greatness of God who we offend in our sin and then I pointed him to the cross of Christ as the cure for this huge problem. Unfortunately he was called away on work and the conversation ended with this brief look to the cross but I pray that he would be convicted of his sin and drawn to faith in Jesus.

Jim and Sucraj also had great conversations with some of the local teenagers and while (as there is often with the youth in Sheffield) there was resistance to even the concept of God, they listened and asked questions. Karl likewise was able to engage a man with a very jumbled set of beliefs but patiently and kindly set forth the reasonable and wise plan of salvation in Jesus alone. Both these groups left without any outward sign that they were changed by the exchange, but we trust that God is able to use His word to good effect.

The night as a whole was very encouraging and we left with exultant hearts, praising Him for His goodness to us again.


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