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Saturday 7 March 2009

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Joel Barnard witnessingThe sun was shining and it was rather busy at Surfers Paradise as Joel and I walked up through Cavill Mall. As we waited for others to arrive, we continued handing out gospel tracts and witnessing to people. I had quite a few good conversations with people, one was with two teenage boys who after going through some of the 10 commandments with them, realised that they deserved Hell. So I explained the cross and what they must do to be saved, however they said they would rather have more fun now than repenting and putting their faith in Jesus.

So I gave them an analogy to think about. I said, "Imagine if you were in a house and you noticed it caught on fire. You either have the choice of running out the house and avoiding the pain of getting burnt and dying, or you could just keep sitting there, saying, "I'm having too much fun in the house to escape the flames" I asked them what would they do. They said that obviously they would run out of the house. So I pointed out that regarding life, they are in the same predicament. For the flames of Hell are coming closer and closer to them, for the amount of time they have left living on this Earth is getting less and less. So they have the choice of saying, "I'm just going to enjoy life and then receive the eternal torment in the flames of Hell", or escaping the flames by turning to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. That is, not trusting in anything good they've done to get them to Heaven, but instead putting their full trust in Jesus' death to save them on the Day of Judgment. The boys then understood the importance of the decision they have to make. Please pray that God will draw them unto Himself.

Once Andre arrived, we had a time of prayer and then I stood up to preach. Almost immediately a bunch of teenagers jumped out of the bushes and started to listen and heckle. I went through the good person test with them (using God's law), in order to bring the knowledge of sin. During this time, a rather large crowd had gathered to hear the dialogue taking place. I explained the cross and the resurrection to the crowd, pleading with them to turn to Christ in repentance and faith.

One of the teenagers called out by saying that the Bible is all a fairy tale. So I asked him, "Point to one thing in the Bible that is a fairy tale". He responded by saying, "In the book of Genesis, it talks about a man that has a Lion's head. That's clearly a fairy tale". I pointed out that nowhere in Genesis does it talk about such a man. He insisted, so I said, "Here is my Bible, please look it up and show it to me." He admitted He didn't know where it was and conceded the point.

After preaching the gospel numerous times, I stepped down from the preaching spot and Andre got up to preach. He talked about the judgment that will come to all after death, and God's standard in which He'll judge them. And because of our sin, we all deserve Hell. He then went on to explain that that is the precise reason why Jesus died, to save His people from the consequences of their sin.

After Andre got down, Jamie joined us for the remainder of the outreach and we all continued witnessing one2one with people and handing out gospel tracts. Both Joel and I ran out of gospel tracts by the end of it, but Andre had some spare, which was good.

Many seeds of the gospel were planted today. To God be the glory!

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