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Friday 8 May 2009

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Andrew open air preaching

After a time of prayer and devotions at Café Nero we headed into Leicester Square. Once we had set up our table with tracts and Bibles, etc, Andrew got ready to preach. This is now the third time he has preached open-air and he is improving all the time. It's great to see him growing as an open-air preacher.

Andrew began to draw in a crowd and soon he had a few hecklers. One of his first hecklers was a chap named Matt. I was particularly interested at this point because Matt came to heckle me a little while back when I was preaching. At that time he was holding a large, thick philosophy text book in his hands. Needless to say it's quite clear where Matt is coming from and that he has a very philosophical worldview. He does agree with a sense of right and wrong but does not wish to submit to the standards of God, preferring to adhere to the standards of humanity. He also sees God as simply an "idea" in a mythological sense. Andrew reasoned with Matt that there is a God and that His standards stand. He made the world and therefore He makes the rules. After Andrew finished preaching he continued to talk one-to-one with Matt; do pray for him.

A little later Lizzie came to me and asked if I would come and speak with a middle-aged gentleman named Peter. Peter expressed how life had been for him in recent years and that he had personal loss. Here was a man struggling to find hope. Lizzie and I spoke to him of the hope that is in Christ and the peace that comes through knowing Him (Philippians 4:7). I stressed to him the importance of being reconciled to God, the most important being the forgiveness he so desperately needs, but also the hope and peace he will receive through knowing the God who made him. He listened attentively and told us that what he was hearing did make sense to him. I gave him my contact details and told him that he would be free to call me anytime. I got the sense he would not be comfortable giving me his details so I didn't ask. Unfortunately we had run out of Bibles and I also bemoaned the fact that we did not have any literature that is written specifically to bring comfort to those who are hurting. We gave him an in-depth gospel tract and I also gave him a booklet that has principles for growing Christians. It is also a gospel tract in that it has the gospel in the front and I told him that should he wish to surrender his life to Christ these principles would be very helpful for him. Do pray for him.

Not long after I stood up to preach. I had not planned on preaching as lately I have felt I needed to give my voice some rest. The preaching bug caught though so I preached a brief message. I pleaded with those who listened that if God was speaking to them, if He was drawing them, then they should throw themselves on the mercy of God. We must persuade men; we must call out to them with the love of God and help them to see how urgent it is for them to be saved.

We'd had a great night of ministry. Jannah and Petra were both beaming after they'd had a very encouraging conversation with two homosexual men. They had been quite reasonable and were open to hearing the gospel. It's important to remember that lying is as much a sin as is homosexuality. Too often Christians have very nearly attacked people for their sin of homosexuality and have not shown the love of Christ. We can confront people of their sin, but we must never cease to show the love of God.

Soli Deo Gloria!!

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