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Monday 4 May 2009

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Another one of the many public holidays that we as Australians seem to be enjoying of late. So to celebrate this day off we decided to head down the Gold Coast to do some preaching on the beach front.

It was good to be joined by Louise today, it was her first time on the Gold Coast with us. The day was interesting we had quite a big team come out, including many of the Brisbane team who came for a day of witnessing on the GC.

Ryan was the first preacher, he only spoke for about twenty minutes but did a good job. As he preached he engaged a few hecklers including one woman who climbed onto a concrete slab to hurl abuse. It is amazing how many people get angry at the preaching of the Gospel. It just goes to show that humanity loves sin more than it can ever love God.

As the preaching was happening hundreds of tracts were going out. It is always encouraging to see people sitting reading the gospel. On the Gold Coast we encounter people from the world over, so that one Gospel tract has the chance to travel the world and win many to Christ.

After Ryan preached I also had a go, as did a couple of other preachers. It was a good day. At the close of play a young lady came forward, she had listened to the preaching for about an hour and her words were these, "I want to give my life to Christ." With that she surrendered to the Saviour. Straight after my preaching I spoke to a young man named Tom who said he needed the Saviour and he wanted forgiveness of sin, but he couldn't give up his sin as he loved it too much. He just wanted Jesus as a ticket to heaven, but he didn't want Christ as Lord. While Tom was under deep conviction of sin, he was still away from the Kingdom of God. Please pray for him.

Josh Williamson doing open air preaching at the Gold Coast

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